Telco Innovation With APIs

Need for speed.

Telecommunications companies are part of the most pervasive and critical infrastructure in every country. They have many hurdles and challenges to maximize their potential in a new world of APIs and applications. If telcos want a piece of the future communications market, they need to find ways for their services to participate in and contribute to a constantly evolving apps economy.

This ebook describes how telcos must make fundamental shifts in technology and business models if they are to remain competitive. Speed and agility are the key factors for participation in the mobile application revolution.

Telco innovation With APIs

What’s inside?

  • How to innovate around applications and APIs
  • How to enable developers and partners to create applications and experiences
  • The importance of adopting the agile techniques of internet companies
  • How to realize revenue growth from the app economy
  • Considerations for building a strategy to address the global services market

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