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Introducing AlloyDB for PostgreSQL: Free yourself from expensive, legacy databases. Read the blog. 
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AlloyDB for PostgreSQL Preview

A fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service for your most demanding enterprise database workloads. AlloyDB combines the best of Google with one of the most popular open-source database engines, PostgreSQL, for superior performance, scale, and availability.

  • Fully compatible with PostgreSQL, providing flexibility and true portability for your workloads

  • Superior performance, 4X faster than standard PostgreSQL for transactional workloads*

  • Fast, real-time insights, up to 100X faster analytical queries than standard PostgreSQL*

  • Transparent and predictable pricing, with no expensive licensing and no opaque I/O charges

  • Simplified management with machine learning-enabled autopilot systems


Superior performance, scale, and availability

Scale up and achieve predictable performance and a high availability SLA of 99.99%, inclusive of maintenance, for your most demanding enterprise workloads.

ML-enabled autopilot systems

Simplify management with automated and machine learning-enabled autopilot systems that handle database patching, backups, scaling, and replication for you.

Transparent and predictable pricing

Eliminate dependency on high-cost, proprietary databases, and take advantage of transparent and predictable pricing with no proprietary licensing or opaque I/O charges.

Key features

Key features

Fully managed database service

AlloyDB is a fully managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service with industry-leading performance, availability, and scale. It automates administrative tasks such as backups, replication, patching, and capacity management and uses adaptive algorithms and machine learning for PostgreSQL vacuum management, storage and memory management, data tiering, and analytics acceleration, so you can focus on building your applications.

Fast transactional processing

AlloyDB is more than 4X faster than standard PostgreSQL for transactional workloads. It's suitable for the most demanding enterprise workloads, including those that require high transaction throughput, large data sizes, or multiple read replicas. Read connections scale horizontally, backed by low lag, scale-out read replica pools.

High availability

AlloyDB offers a 99.99% uptime SLA, inclusive of maintenance. It automatically detects and recovers from most database failures within 60 seconds, independent of database size and load. The architecture supports non-disruptive instance resizing and database maintenance.

Real-time business insights

AlloyDB is up to 100X faster than standard PostgreSQL for analytical queries, with zero impact on operational performance when running business intelligence, reporting, and hybrid transactional and analytical workloads (HTAP). Built-in integration with Vertex AI, Google's artificial intelligence platform, allows you to call machine learning models directly within a query or transaction, giving you low-latency, high-throughput augmented insights without having to write any application code.

Customer-friendly pricing

Pricing is transparent and predictable, with no expensive, restrictive licensing and no opaque I/O charges. Storage is automatically managed, and you're only charged for what you use, with no additional storage costs for read replicas. A free ultra-fast cache, automatically provisioned in addition to instance memory, allows you to maximize the price-performance ratio. Database Migration Service offers easy-to-use, reliable migrations at no additional charge.

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"At PLAID, we are developing KARTE, a customer experience platform. AlloyDB is fully compatible with PostgreSQL and can transparently extend column-oriented processing. We think it's a new powerful option with a unique technical approach that enables system designs to integrate isolated OLTP, OLAP, and HTAP workloads with minimal investment in new expertise. "

Takuya Ogawa, Lead Product Engineer, PLAID

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What’s new

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AlloyDB: Google forges its own new PostgreSQL blend

In this research note, analyst Tony Baer of dbInsights analyzes the role of AlloyDB within Google Cloud's databases and analytics portfolio.

Introducing AlloyDB for PostgreSQL

In this video, Sandy Ghai, Product Manager at Google, discusses why AlloyDB was built and explains the technology that powers it.

Google Cloud Basics
AlloyDB overview

Learn how AlloyDB offers superior performance, availability, and scale for the most demanding enterprise workloads.

AlloyDB quickstart using the Cloud Console

Learn how to use the Google Cloud Console as a visual interface to get started with AlloyDB.

Configure AlloyDB using the API

Learn how to use the API to configure AlloyDB for your workloads.

Compare features

Compare AlloyDB to other PostgreSQL options on Google Cloud

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Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

Fully managed, open-source PostgreSQL in the cloud

AlloyDB for PostgreSQL

Full PostgreSQL compatibility with superior performance and scale

PostgreSQL interface for Cloud Spanner

Cloud-native with unlimited scalability and PostgreSQL interface and tooling

Key benefits

  • Easiest lift and shift to the cloud

  • Same management as MySQL and SQL Server

  • Lowest cost relational database option

  • 99.99% SLA, inclusive of maintenance

  • Hybrid transactional and analytical processing (HTAP)

  • Adaptive, ML-enabled autopilot systems

  • Strong consistency and global scale

  • 99.999% availability SLA

  • For internet-scale applications


Pricing for AlloyDB

Pricing for AlloyDB for PostgreSQL is transparent and predictable with no expensive, proprietary licensing and no opaque I/O charges.

We’d like all customers to experience AlloyDB for PostgreSQL. That’s why AlloyDB is available at no cost during the preview period, governed by fair usage limits.

Click the pricing link below for any additional information.


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