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Accelerate database modernization with Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB validated partners

March 30, 2023
Rayn Veerubhotla

Managing Director, Partner Engineering, Google Cloud

Gurmeet Goindi

Director of Product Management, Databases

AlloyDB for PostgreSQL is a fully-managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service built for your most demanding enterprise database workloads. With AlloyDB, you can free yourself from expensive, legacy databases with restrictive licensing. For extended capabilities such as migration tooling, analytics or database observability, at the Google Data Cloud & AI Summit, we launched Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB, a designation that formally recognizes partners that have met a core set of functional and interoperability requirements based on standards defined by Google.

Google Cloud works with technology partners across every product area to help customers address specific use cases along their digital transformation journey. We understand that evaluating all the tools and picking the right ones for the job can be time consuming and expensive. That is why we have been working directly with partners and collaborating with them to test compatibility, tune functionality, and optimize integrations to ensure customers have the best experience when they use partner products with AlloyDB. This new partner initiative includes best in class partner products that are tightly integrated and optimized for AlloyDB. 

To ensure quality of product integrations, the “Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB” validation process is conducted in three phases:

  • Evaluate: Google Cloud Engineering teams work with partners to run a series of data integration tests in a sandbox/production environment and compare results against best practices and benchmarks.
  • Enhance: We take the results of the Evaluate phase and collaborate with our partners to fill in the gaps and help them evolve their products. 
  • Enable: Together with our partners, we refine products and documentation to make sure customers have everything they need to successfully integrate AlloyDB with partner products of their choice.

Validated partners are showcased on the AlloyDB product site and documentation page.  Customers can trust these validated partner products to work well with AlloyDB, and focus their time on modernizing database solutions and applications that will drive faster data-to-value for their business.

As of today, 30 technology partners are ready to support customers’ needs across the following categories: Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics, Data Integration & Migration, Data Governance, Security, Data Quality, and Observability.  For example, Airbyte, SnapLogic, Confluent, Supermetrics enable migrations and data streaming into AlloyDB, while Microstrategy, Mode, Hex and Dataiku help you derive insights from your data. Datadog and New Relic provide visibility into the health & performance of AlloyDB clusters, and Anomalo, Collibra and Vaultree offer advanced capabilities for data quality, governance and security.


Striim, a distributed data integration and intelligence platform, supports AlloyDB  as part of their cloud offering.

“Our customers seek solutions that drive real time insights to digitally transform their operations. AlloyDB, with its great analytical and transactional performance, highly scalable architecture, and full PostgreSQL compatibility, provides a compelling option to build real time insights directly into operational databases,” said Alok Pareek, Executive Vice President of Products and Engineering, Striim. “Striim seamlessly connects to AlloyDB, moving data into AlloyDB in real time and providing our mutual customers with next generation data streaming and integration capabilities to modernize their applications.”

CData, a leading provider of standards-based drivers and data access solutions for real-time integration released and validated their AlloyDB ODBC, JDBC drivers and CData Connect Cloud solution.

“Google Cloud and CData continue to lead and innovate in the market by providing unprecedented access to data in the cloud with AlloyDB. With Google Cloud's new fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service, enterprises now have true portability and flexibility for their database workloads,” said Amit Sharma, CEO & co-founder, CData Software. “When combined with drop-in connectivity solutions from CData, users can easily modernize workloads and enable real-time insights without complex ETL pipelines or custom coding. We’re thrilled to see that customers like Collibra are already benefiting from live access to data in AlloyDB from the BI or analytics platforms, ETL tools, SaaS applications, and no-code/low-code apps of their choice.”

Interested in becoming a Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB  partner?

We welcome partners to apply to the Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB for PostgreSQL initiative by filling out this intake form.  

Once the designation is achieved, partners will be able to benefit from the following:

  • Increased customer confidence that the solution has been tested and validated to work with AlloyDB.

  • Increased exposure to Google Cloud sales/field teams on validated partner solutions and technical assets to drive customer opportunities.

  • Access to Google Cloud Partner Engineering and AlloyDB product & eng teams for joint roadmap development and exclusive feature release previews. 

  • Early access to AlloyDB material and support for creating best practice guides, solution briefs, and joint reference architecture.

  • Higher marketing exposure through badging, recognition and priority placement on the Google Cloud AlloyDB Partner Page and Google sponsored product & customer events.

  • Support for GTM activities in addition to those offered through the standard Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. Additional benefits include support for partner led activities such as blogs, workshops, webinars, social media, and so on.

Getting started

  • To learn more about the Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB initiative, visit our documentation page
  • To see the full list of partner solutions and connectors that have been validated under the initiative, visit here
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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