AI Workshop

As part of our pursuit to democratize AI, Google Cloud AI Workshop offers customers, partners, researchers, and developers the opportunity to experiment with cutting-edge AI innovations. Our AI researchers and engineers are building new concepts, new techniques, and new applications at the furthest extents of science and technology — and want you to try them out.

The end goal? To connect research and practice so that we can address enterprise AI challenges together.

What is AI Workshop?

A gallery of experiments
At the core of AI Workshop are the exploratory technologies that our researchers and engineers have chosen to share with you. Browse through them below.

A forum for conversation
AI Workshop unites the AI researchers and engineers with the users who innovate with their AI products. By interacting more directly, these groups produce new ideas, ask hard questions, and provide honest feedback.

An evolving platform
AI Workshop is not stagnant. We aim to launch new content regularly and rapidly. Our researchers and engineers update and improve their experiments based on your feedback and tests. We expect that some of these experiments will graduate to become new products and that some won’t — and we’re OK with that.

What is an experiment?

Experiments are novel technologies that represent some of the latest work from our researchers and engineers, who are focused on the biggest challenges in AI and machine learning. These experiments reflect the magnitude of those ambitions.

Works in progress

Experiments are not products. They may still be rough around the edges, and are supported directly by our research teams. We will do our very best to ensure a great experience, but there is no guarantee of availability, reliability, performance, or robustness against bias. They might be changed in backward-incompatible ways. They are not subject to any SLA or deprecation policy. There is no commitment that they will become products or product features in the future. We strongly recommend that they NOT be used in production environments or for essential workflows.


From APIs and services to tools, experiments may take many forms. They will treat different (or many) types of data and may be applicable to a range of industries and functions.

Free to use

We do not charge for participation in the experiments themselves. However, there may be associated charges if you use other Cloud services as part of your workflow. This may include, but is not limited to: storage, compute, or other Cloud AI products (such as API calls).

Who can use an experiment?

AI savvy

In general, more technically advanced users will reap the most benefit from experiments. They will be able to set up, run, evaluate, and troubleshoot our more sophisticated experiments.

Working on frontiers

Given their early-stage nature, experiments are best suited for customers who are also working in experimental stages rather than in production environments. If you're exploring new uses of data, building prototypes and proofs of concept, and developing academic research, you could be a match for AI Workshop.

Willing to help

All participants will have to register as Google Cloud customers in order to gain access to the Experiments. Usage of the experiments is governed by the Pre-GA Terms and Confidential Information provisions (as "Google Confidential information") of your Google Cloud Platform License Agreement.

Live experiments