Provide secure, continuous patient care

Build a strong foundation that, from the cloud infrastructure to the application layer, delivers secure connected experiences that guide patients, their families, and their caregivers through the care experience.

Google Meet for telehealth

Support patients remotely and protect caregiver and patient safety by offering take-home devices and telehealth solutions.

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Learn how Google Meet supports 2 million users per day

Story highlights

  • Health system has 140K patients in Cambridge/Boston region

  • COVID-19 makes consistent communication vital

  • Collaborative Google Workspace helps caregivers improve patient care

Google Workspace for healthcare

Keep care teams on the same page from anywhere by providing them with secure solutions that streamline patient care.

Patient services and support

Give patients and communities the information they need while alleviating pressure on your contact center by utilizing customized Contact Center AI virtual agents.

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Story highlights

  • University of Pennsylvania can scale to meet inquiry demands

  • Virtual agent frees clinical team for more complex questions

Contact Center AI

Serve patients and communities better with a virtual agent that converses naturally with callers and expertly assists human agents on more complex cases.

Rapid Response Virtual Agent

A Contact Center AI virtual agent customized for COVID-19.

Patient app management

Build and deliver mobile applications that give patients easy ways to stay in touch with their caregivers from home.

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Story highlights

  • 20K API calls per month in the eight months since launch

  • Used 250 analytics variables to enhance customer experiences

  • Frees IT to focus more on delivering apps that improve care

Modernize patient applications

Build and deliver modern mobile and web applications and other connected experiences for your patients.

Visualization of healthcare services

Use Google Maps Platform in conjunction with COVID-19 datasets to locate critical equipment, provide testing site locations, give patients directions, and route medical deliveries.

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Story highlights

  • On average, it takes 3 minutes or less to see a local doctor

  • Maintains location accuracy for >65K pharmacies nationwide

  • Meets compliance by connecting patients with licensed MDs

Google Maps Platform

Explore how real-world geographic insights can help your healthcare organization.

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