Empower caregivers with collaboration and productivity tools

Whether caregivers are on the front lines, leading research, or managing operations, they’re adapting to the new normal of working remotely when necessary. Chrome Enterprise and Google Workspace keep caregivers connected and collaborating from anywhere while protecting their and their patients’ safety.

Frontline caregiver devices

Help caregivers serve their patients better by enabling them to access information with shareable, secure-by-design Chrome and Android enterprise devices.

Story highlights

  • Significantly reduced device costs and maintenance

  • Reduced device setup time from hours to minutes

  • Auto-updates eliminate time-consuming patching and updating

Chrome for healthcare

Power your frontline workforce with cloud-native, secure-by-design devices.

Remote work

Empower care teams and other healthcare workers to stay connected and collaborate safely from anywhere.

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Story highlights

  • Reclaimed 30% of caregiver time for patient interactions

  • Enabled new employees to get started immediately

  • Reduced IT costs by $1.3 million over three years

Google Workspace

Improve your institution's efficiency by using Google Workspace tools like Gmail, Docs, and Maps to enable real-time collaboration across the organization.

Chrome Enterprise

Power your healthcare workforce with secure access to cloud-based tools and a fast, cloud-native operating system.

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