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Google Cloud migration

Google Cloud’s flexible solutions and services help you migrate your data and apps to the cloud while modernizing and innovating at your own pace.

Cloud migration products and services

No matter what you have to migrate or why, Google Cloud has the solutions and services to meet your goals and help you succeed and modernize on your terms. Check out this video then keep scrolling to learn more.

Migrating with confidence to Google Cloud.

Explore our migration and modernization options

Category Product Features and Use Cases
Data migration
BigQuery Data Transfer Service

A data import service for scheduling and moving data into BigQuery.

  • Automate data movement into BigQuery

  • Zero-coding foundation for a BigQuery data warehouse

  • Data backfills to recover from outages or gaps


Migrate to Google Cloud databases to run and manage your databases at global scale while optimizing for efficiency and flexibility.

  • Migrate as-is to fully managed, databases

  • Move from proprietary licenses to open source databases

  • Modernize from traditional databases to scalable, cloud-native databases

  • Integrate databases across Google Cloud services

Database Migration Service

Make migrations to Cloud SQL simple. Available in preview for MySQL, with limited access to PostgreSQL, and SQL Server coming soon.

  • Ease of use reduces migration complexity

  • Serverless experience eliminates the operational burden of migrations

  • Replicate data continuously for minimal downtime

  • Available at no additional charge

Oracle Workloads

Reduce overhead, drive innovation, and gain agility with a wide variety of database options for your Oracle workloads.

  • Bare Metal Solution to lift and shift workloads

  • Migrate to compatible open-source platforms

  • Modernize with Cloud Spanner for scalability and availability post-migration

Microsoft SQL Server

Migrate and run Microsoft SQL Server on Compute Engine or use managed Cloud SQL to reduce license and infrastructure cost.

  • Bring your existing SQL Server licenses and run them on Compute Engine

  • Run license-included SQL Server VM images on Compute Engine

  • Use fully managed Cloud SQL for SQL Server to reduce operational overhead

  • Full compatibility and configurable custom VM shapes help you optimize cost

Transfer Appliance

Ruggedized server to collect and physically move data from field locations with limited connectivity or from data centers for ultra low cost data transfers.

  • Transfer data for archival, migrations, or analytics

  • Capture sensor data for machine learning and analysis

  • Move data from bandwidth-constrained locations

Storage Transfer Service

Tools to help you perform a data transfer, either from another cloud provider or from your private data center.

  • Collecting research data

  • Moving ML/AI training datasets

  • Migrating from S3 to Google Cloud

Application migration
Cloud Foundation Toolkit

Best-practice, open-source, ready-made reference templates for Deployment Manager and Terraform.

  • Quickly build a repeatable, enterprise-ready foundation in Google Cloud

  • Easily update foundation as needs change with IaC

  • Automate repeatable tasks

  • Enterprise compliance and security features

Migrate to Containers

Intelligently extract, migrate, and modernize applications to run natively on containers in Google Kubernetes Engine.

  • Automate extraction of existing apps from servers and VMs

  • Easily convert workloads to run on containers in Google Kubernetes Engine

  • Modernize workloads without source code

Migrate to Virtual Machines

Fast, flexible, and safe migration to Google Cloud with Migrate to Virtual Machines.

  • Automatic and seamless adaptations for Compute Engine

  • Built-in pre-migration validation and testing

  • Fast on-premises stateful rollback

  • Easy provisioning and rightsizing


A holistic, end-to-end migration program to help simplify and accelerate your migration path.

  • Free IT landscape assessment

  • Detailed migration planning with Google Cloud experts

  • Pre-vetted cloud migration partner options

SAP on Google Cloud

Maintain business continuity on a secure cloud that gives you business agility while allows you to maximize the value of your SAP data.

  • Smart infrastructure with agility & availability for business-critical workloads

  • Intelligence and analytics for SAP customers to succeed in a data-driven world

  • Experience, skills that give SAP customers a proven path to value in the cloud

VMware Engine

Migrate and run your VMware workloads natively on Google Cloud in just a few clicks.

  • Fully managed, native VMware Cloud Foundation software stack

  • vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T, and HCX included

  • Lower your TCO while improving business agility


Modernize applications for improved cost, performance, and scalability.

  • Free discovery and assessment to help plan your app migration and modernization

  • Modernize at your own pace, picking the right technologies for each application

  • Enhanced performance, agility & cost-efficiency

  • Accelerate your innovation efforts


Modernize underlying operational databases to make your apps more secure, reliable, scalable, and easier to manage.

  • Scale seamlessly to handle the unpredictable

  • Build faster, with less maintenance

  • Develop powerful applications with integrations with GKE and other services

  • Lower overall operating costs & eliminate restrictive licenses

Data Centers

Flexible solutions for exiting or reducing on-premises data centers or other clouds.

  • Craft the right data center migration plan for your business

  • Grow confidently on our purpose-built infrastructure

  • Find the right experts to drive your success with cloud migration services

Data Lakes

Powers analysis on any type of data so your teams can securely and cost-effectively ingest, store, and analyze large volumes of data.

  • Built on fully managed services

  • Ingest and store any type or volume of data

  • Autoscale data lake processing to manage SLAs and costs.

  • Quickly build analytics using Dataproc, BigQuery, or AI Platform

Data Warehouses

Solve for today’s analytics demands and seamlessly scale your business by moving to Google Cloud’s modern data warehouse, BigQuery.

  • Streamlined migration to BigQuery

  • Built-in machine learning capabilities

  • Robust data security and governance controls

  • Lower TCO up to 52% by migrating to BigQuery


Reduce costs and increase profits by modernizing and migrating your mainframe applications to Google Cloud.

  • Automated code refactoring tools

  • Prescriptive guidance from experts

  • Modernize with VMs or containers


A first-class experience for migrating and modernizing Windows and Microsoft workloads to reduce license cost.

  • Self-manage or leverage managed services

  • Bring your own licenses

  • Windows Server, SQL Server, .NET, Windows Containers, Active Directory

  • Enterprise-class support backed by Microsoft


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