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If you’re looking for advanced solutions and services in a particular area, look for a Google Cloud partner with a Specialization or an Expertise.

Specializations and Expertise

It can be difficult to gauge the quality of a vendor in advance — to know if they have the technical know-how and experience to help you address your business challenges. That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you.


When you see a Google Cloud partner with a Specialization, it indicates the strongest signal of proficiency and experience with Google Cloud. These organizations undergo a rigorous technical assessment, employ certified experts, demonstrate repeatable customer success, and have a business plan to invest in their area of Specialization.

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When you see a Google Cloud partner with an Expertise, it indicates where they have demonstrated customer success by product, workload, and/or industry based on a defined set of requirements.

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Journey to differentiation

Google Cloud Certified employees

Partners with Expertise and Specializations have employees trained, tested, and certified on their proficiency with Google Cloud products and solutions.

Proven customer success

Partners with Expertise and Specializations have at least one publicly referenceable customer success story.

Industry-leading capabilities

Partners with a Specialization undergo a rigorous technical capability assessment with a proven methodology — demonstrating their abilities to design, build, migrate, test, and operate a solution for a customer.

Long-term business investment

Partners with a Specialization provide a business plan for ongoing investment and staffing in their area of Specialization. They’re in this for the long haul.

Specialization areas

Train machine learning models, build cloud-native apps, streamline internal workflows. Whatever your end goals, see how partners with Specializations can help.

Bring your big ideas to life with the help of the cloud. These partners can help you use the best of Google Cloud Platform to build and manage cloud-native business apps.

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Make the journey to the cloud easier. These partners have been handpicked to deliver a seamless transition to Google Cloud Platform — from building the foundational architecture to the actual mechanics of migration.

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Learn how to put your data to work with our integrated big data products. These partners have demonstrated success turning huge amounts of data into insights that drive your business forward.

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Get expert help implementing Google for Education solutions in the classroom. Whether it’s technical deployment, professional development for educators, or transformation services for school leaders, these partners can help you find creative solutions.

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Innovate faster together — from anywhere and in real time. These partners are fluent in deploying G Suite across large organizations and can help you streamline workflows, ensure governance, and get everyone on the same page (even when they’re not in the same room).

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Move to our secure cloud infrastructure. These partners have proven success building customer infrastructure and workflows on Google Cloud Platform.

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These partners can help you thrive in a connected world. They have demonstrated the ability to connect, process, store, and analyze device data both at the edge and in the cloud to drive new business value.

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Help your users get from A to Z, track thousands of moving assets, or build immersive gaming experiences. These partners have a successful track record of building and managing applications using the best of Google Maps Platform and Google Cloud Platform, in both web and mobile environments.

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Speed up and scale out sophisticated machine learning models. These partners can help you use Google Cloud AI and machine learning services for your own data analysis, speech and image recognition applications, and more.

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Make data-driven decisions that make an impact. These partners help customers collect, transform, analyze, and visualize data, and then use the insights gained to optimize marketing strategy and activations.

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Keep your organization (and reputation) safe. These partners are experienced in securing customer data and workflows through Google Cloud Platform.

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Partners that have achieved this Specialization have demonstrated success in delivering our GCP curriculum — along with achieving a set amount of learners within a year, including two authorized trainers dedicated to data analytics, infrastructure, and/or security on GCP.

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