Google Cloud Platform Partner Credit

The Google Cloud Platform Free Trial + additional credits from our partners provides you with hundreds of dollars to try Cloud Platform. Whether you are building software or automobiles, looking to create the next big thing, or wanting to put your company on the same infrastructure that powers Google, Google Cloud Platform has the technology and the partners to help grow your business on our Cloud.

“Google Cloud Platform [credits] helped us get started with App Engine, which saved us valuable time in both creating our prototype and scaling effortlessly.”

Andrew First

Founder, Leanplum

Startups using Google Cloud Platform

Elliot Kroo

founder/director of engineering, Getaround

“App Engine has allowed us to do many things that would have been difficult otherwise. For startups that are looking to stay lean and move quickly, App Engine should be the top choice.”

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Olivier Michon

CTO, Fresh Planet

“When we compare the development of SongPop to stories of other apps, we’re thankful that App Engine allowed us to have only one engineer working full-time on the backend portion of our app.”

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Greg Bayer

Vice President of Platforms, Pulse

“We don’t even see 99% of the things that we would have had to manage without App Engine. If a server goes down, Google will take care of it.”

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