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Network Connectivity Center

Network Connectivity Center

Reimagine how you deploy, manage, and scale your networks.

  • Single place to manage global connectivity

  • Elastic connectivity across Google Cloud, multicloud, and hybrid networks

  • Deep visibility into Google Cloud and tight integration with third-party solutions

Key features

Simple, flexible, and insightful cloud connectivity

Simplified connectivity

Network Connectivity Center offers the unique ability to easily connect your on-premises, Google Cloud, and other cloud enterprise networks and manage them as spokes through a single, centralized logical hub on Google Cloud.

Flexible cloud connectivity

Network Connectivity Center delivers a unified connectivity experience by allowing you to use Google’s global network, leveraging Partner and Dedicated Interconnects, Cloud VPN connections, and third-party router / SD-WAN VMs to transfer data reliably across on-premises sites, cloud resources, and other clouds (enabled through VPN connectivity).

Deep insights of your global network

Network Connectivity Center pairs seamlessly with Network Intelligence Center to deliver end-to-end visibility so you can monitor, visualize, and test the connectivity of hub-and-spoke architectures deployed on Google Cloud, on-premises, and other clouds.

What's new

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