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Connect your infrastructure to Google's network edge with enterprise-grade interconnect

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Fast, High Availability Connections

Google Cloud Interconnect allows Google Cloud Platform customers to connect to Google via enterprise-grade connections with higher availability and/or lower latency than their existing Internet connections. Connections are offered by Cloud Interconnect service provider partners, and may offer higher SLAs than standard Internet connections. Google also supports direct connections to its network through direct peering. Customers who cannot meet Google at its peering locations, or do not meet peering requirements, may benefit from Cloud Interconnect.

Enterprise-grade Connections

Services with consistent high demand for data, or latency sensitive applications can have significant benefits from using a Cloud Interconnect network connection. Customers can work with Cloud Interconnect providers to achieve higher availability and lower latency connections to Google.

Reduced Egress Pricing

We offer discounted pricing for Cloud Platform traffic egressing through Cloud Interconnect links. You’ll save up to 50% on egress pricing with Cloud Interconnect.


Our growing list of Cloud Interconnect partners are ready to help. Your network traffic will go directly to Cloud Platform avoiding unnecessary trips through third party networks.

Cloud Interconnect Features

Connect your infrastructure to Google's network edge with enterprise-grade interconnect

Cloud Interconnect Pricing
Google Cloud Platform traffic being sent to an in-region Google Cloud Interconnect connection is charged per the Cloud Interconnect pricing structure.
Enterprise-grade Connections
Under the Cloud Interconnect program you can take advantage of the direct connection between the networks of your Cloud Interconnect service provider and Google. That connection helps provide higher availability and lower latency for your business traffic as it travels from your systems to Google.
Direct Peering
Connect your business network directly to Google at any of 70+ locations in 33 countries around the world and exchange high throughput cloud traffic.
CDN Interconnect
CDN Interconnect allows select CDN providers to establish direct interconnect links with Google’s edge network at various locations.

Cloud Interconnect Pricing

Cloud Interconnect offers discounted pricing on egress traffic. Learn more.

Traffic Price Per GB
Ingress Traffic Free for all regions
Intra-Region Egress Traffic* NA: $0.04/GB
EU: $0.05/GB
APAC: $0.06/GB
Inter-Region Egress Traffic** 0-1TB: $0.12 - $0.23/GB
1-10TB: $0.11 - $0.22/GB
10+TB: $0.08 - $0.20/GB
Service provider fees Please consult your Cloud Interconnect service provider for more information.
If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

* To receive this pricing, Customer must notify the Google sales team after signing up for Cloud Interconnect through one of the providers.

**See Internet Egress traffic rates for more detail.