Google Cloud Connectivity

Connect to Google Cloud on your terms, from anywhere

Extend on-premises and other cloud networks to Google Cloud with highly available, low latency connections through Cloud VPN or Dedicated, Partner, or Cross-Cloud Interconnect

New customers can use $300 in free credits to spend on Cloud VPN, Dedicated Interconnect, and Partner Interconnect


Flexible, low-cost VPN

For low-volume data connections, Cloud VPN offers a lower cost option that delivers 1.5–3.0 Gbps over an encrypted public internet connection. Cloud VPN's flexible routing options allow you to use static or dynamic routing to connect to different VPN gateways.

PSC over interconnect

Enable access from on-prem and public cloud to 3P SaaS services hosted on Google Cloud and 1P Google services through Private Service Connect (PSC) over interconnect.

Bidirectional Forwarding Detection

Enable fast forwarding path outage detection on Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) sessions and failover traffic to alternate healthy links.

HA VPN over interconnect

Enable private, encrypted access to your VPC from your on-premises environment through HA VPN over interconnect

Connectivity options

Connectivity optionsGoogle Cloud connections
Google Cloud connectionsDescriptionBest for

Dedicated Interconnect

Direct physical connections between your on-premises network and Google's network

Transferring encrypted sensitive data that requires 10GB or more pipe

Partner Interconnect

Connects on-premises networks and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks through a supported service pro