Google Cloud Startup Program

Want to build your company on the world's fastest, most scalable, most reliable infrastructure? You’ve come to the right place. Through mentorship, training, and free credits, the Google Cloud Startup Program enables any startup to get up and running quickly and easily.

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Our Google Cloud Startup Program provides free credits to early stage companies so you can focus on building a business and let Google worry about scaling and securing your infrastructure. Learn how to apply for the program

Engineer-to-Engineer Support

We work to get your startup up and running quickly. Connect 1:1 with Google engineers for technical mentorship to learn how to make Google Cloud work for you. Get access to trainings and workshops in your area to get your dev team up to speed.

Future-Proof Infrastructure

With full access to Cloud Platform, Firebase, and other Google Cloud tools, you can start coding your app on App Engine and scale without the headache of managing ops. Tailor your deployment as much as you need on Compute Engine or leverage Kubernetes Engine, powered by Kubernetes. From Big Data to Machine Learning Engine, GCP has you covered.

Google Cloud Startup Program

Our program is designed to grow with you. Idea or MVP stage companies can apply for our Start Package, taking advantage of Cloud Credits and scaled support. From there, you’ll be invited to apply to our Spark and Surge programs depending on your needs and growth. Additional packages may be available through our partners.

GCP and Firebase Credits $3,000 in credit for 1 year. Credit can be applied to all Google Cloud Platform and Firebase products. Up to $20,000 in credit for 1 year. Credit can be applied to all Google Cloud Platform and Firebase products. Up to $100,000 in credit for 1 year. Credit can be applied to all Google Cloud Platform and Firebase products.
Training Get invitations to Code Labs, classroom-style and online training courses to learn everything you need to scale your vision.
Office Hours   Schedule 1:1 technical office hours with Cloud Platform Solutions Engineers. Schedule 1:1 technical sessions and architecture reviews with Cloud Platform Solutions Engineers and Architects.
G Suite Credits: New Subscription Up to 5 free users on G Suite Basic for 12 months.
Up to 10 free users on G Suite Basic for 12 months.
G Suite Credits: Existing Subscription  
Upgrade your existing G Suite to the Business edition at a 25% discount, or to the Enterprise edition at a 30% discount. Valid for 12 months.
Hire by Google
6 months free of Hire by Google to recruit faster
Spotlight Series     Opportunity to be selected for user profiles, speaking opportunities at Google events, early product access and more.

To qualify, startups cannot have received promotional Cloud credits in the past. Additional offers may be available through our venture partners. Please contact your investor to learn more.

Apply to Join the Program

Startups can apply to join by reaching out to their investors or incubator programs. We partner with hundreds of venture capital firms, accelerators, incubators, and other startup ecosystem organizations. View a list of our current partners.

Your program partner will then send you an application to fill out. Our team will review it and provide you with a credit code in 48 hours if you qualify.

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Who's using Google Cloud?

Over 4 million applications are built on Google Cloud Platform

Descartes Lab

"With Google Cloud Platform, we benefited by having a virtual supercomputer on demand, without having to deal with all the usual space, power, cooling, and networking issues."
— Mark Johnson, CEO
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"As a result of being in the startup program, we were able to access valuable technical resources, including consultations with many of Google's top engineers."
— Carter Maslan, CEO
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"With Google Cloud Platform, we can create new data stores so that every client's data is siloed from the others. It's the perfect on-demand infrastructure for a company like ours that needs to run lean for the first couple of years."
— Devavrat Shah, Chief Scientist and Co-founder
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"Cloud Platform gives you upfront ease of use with the added comfort of knowing whatever you are building, if it needs to, will scale ad infinitum."
— Bobby Murphy, CTO, and co-founder
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Google Cloud Startup Program Partners

We partner with organizations that help startups thrive. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in partnering with Google Cloud Platform to help individuals and startups build what’s next.

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FAQs for Startups

How do we apply?
You should reach out to your incubator, accelerator, or VC firm. They will be able to send you an application link directly.
I’ve already applied, when will I be accepted?
We will be back to you within 48 business hours of receiving your application.
Who qualifies?
This program is designed for early stage startup companies that are focused on top-end revenue and growth potential.
I’m a small business. Is this program for me?
Google Cloud can help nearly any organization, but Google Cloud for Startups is designed to help companies that are focused on top-end revenue and growth potential, and is less applicable for small businesses. If you are a small business, you can get started with a free trial.
How can I get started if I’m not backed by a VC, incubator, or accelerator program?
Currently, we are only taking applicants through our partners. If you are interested in signing up for updates on the Google Cloud Startups program, you can do so here. In the meantime, you can start a free trial.
I have more questions about upgrading or extensions. Who can help me?
For any program specific questions, please submit a request and a member of the Startup Support team will get back to you within a couple of business days.
I have a technical issue. Should I submit a ticket to the form referenced above?
No! If you’re experiencing a technical issue with your account, please contact Google Cloud technical support. The startup team will not be able to help you in a timely fashion.

FAQs for Partners

How can my portfolio companies apply?
Your companies will apply through a unique form provided by your organization.
I’m not currently a partner, but would like to become one. What should I do?
You should fill out this form and the Google Cloud for Startups representative for your region will get back to you directly.
Is there a limit to how many of my startup companies I can refer?
No! Send as many of them as you wish. We can’t wait to help them grow.

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