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Transform on your terms with a data cloud

Tens of thousands of customers build their data clouds using Google Cloud, a complete, open approach to data-driven transformation that is unmatched for speed, scale, security with AI built-in.

Learn how Google Cloud is uniquely positioned to help accelerate transformation

A comprehensive and proven approach

A data cloud offers a comprehensive and proven approach to cloud. It embraces the full data life cycle, from the systems that run your business, where data is born, to analytics that support decision-making, to AI and ML that predict and automate the future. A data cloud allows you to securely unify data across your entire organization, so you can break down silos, increase agility, innovate faster, get value from your data, and support business transformation. The real impact comes when everyone has access to the right information at the right time and can act more intelligently based on it.

Accelerating your digital transformation

Google is uniquely positioned to help businesses transform, with data as the essential ingredient. Google brings data and software together for businesses of all sizes looking to build a data cloud. Your data cloud can elevate your customer experiences, so you’re able to delight customers with rich and compelling experiences that are personalized, secure, seamless, and instantly responsive, no matter where they are or on which device. And Google’s culture of innovation and approach to transformation, plus a comprehensive data strategy, can accelerate your digital transformation.

New services unveiled at Data Cloud Summit

Google Cloud launches three new services to empower customers with a unified data cloud strategy. These new technologies provide an intelligent fabric across data lakes, data warehouses, and databases, providing real-time insights powered by machine learning.

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“We are excited to strengthen this partnership by consolidating MLB infrastructure on Google Cloud and incorporating Google's world-class machine learning technology to provide personalized and immersive fan experiences.”

Jason Gaedtke, former CTO, MLB
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Why are tens of thousands of customers building their data clouds using Google Cloud technologies?

Unmatched and broadly loved technologies

Customers often gravitate to Google Cloud for our specific, important data tools that were built for Google’s internal data needs and are simply unmatched for speed, scale, security, and capability for any size organization. BigQuery allows you to run analytics at infinite scale with a 99.99% SLA and up to 34% lower TCO than cloud data warehouse alternatives. Spanner provides unlimited scale, global consistency across regions, and high availability up to 99.999%, and Looker provides a single shared place for people and apps to interact with it, no matter the cloud environment.

Industry-leading AI solutions that accelerate time to value

At Google, AI is in our DNA. Google was built on pioneering AI research and the principle of making the world’s information useful to people and businesses everywhere. AI powers Google products used and loved by billions, such as Search, Maps, Ads, and YouTube. We have leveraged this expertise to deliver a new, unified AI experience in our data cloud that gives every data scientist, data analyst, and ML engineer access to the same toolkit Google uses, to drive business outcomes at any scale. And Google’s unified AI platform is open and integrated across our entire technology stack.

Freedom of flexibility with an open platform

Google Cloud’s open platform gives customers maximum flexibility for managing transactional, analytical, and AI-based applications. Customers can choose from a wide range of transactional, processing and analytics engines, open source tools, open APIs and ML services to eliminate lock-in. This includes choice of deployment across multicloud and hybrid environments and easy interoperability with existing partner solutions and investments. Google also offers an unrivaled developer community across the field of AI, machine learning, mobile, application development, microservices, and more.

Trusted cloud infrastructure for all data needs

Take advantage of the same secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in data protection, and global network that Google uses to ensure compliance, redundancy, and reliability for your mission-critical applications. All of Google’s data is encrypted in transit and at rest, by default. We offer industry-leading reliability across regions so you’re always up and running. Spanner offers a 99.999% SLA and BigQuery offers 99.99% SLA. Our multilayered security approach across hardware, services, user identity, storage, internet communication, and operations provides peace of mind that your data is protected.

Google is your innovation partner

You need a partner who has experience, knowledge, and tools to guide you along the digital transformation journey. That’s why choosing a data cloud partner is one of the most important decisions you will make to have a competitive edge in this fast-changing landscape.

“We needed a technology partner that was both a culture fit for Etsy in terms of agility, efficiency, and innovation, and also had the technical chops to move our business forward. Google Cloud met those requirements.”

Mike Fisher, CTO, Etsy
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