Customer Overview

Sounds are universal, taste is personal. Spotify serves both.

Spotify is an iconic global brand for music and podcasts, delivering customers content they want to hear and artists new ways to connect with fans and collaborators. Google Cloud is proud Spotify counts on our infrastructure and tools to seek insights, build services, and deliver at scale.

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The Solution

Powerful experiences, powered by the cloud

Spotify’s trailblazing engineers bring powerful and intimate audio experiences to hundreds of millions of people every day. Prioritizing speed and focus, they automated the lower-value work of some 20,000 data pipelines freeing up time for analysis and action and increased their computing efficiency by about 300%.

“All-in” business scaling

In less than a decade, Spotify became a force in audio entertainment, with millions of fans, global teams, and a business using 100s of petabytes of data. Running their own data centers took time and energy away from the core business. Choosing one cloud, they took full advantage of their customer-first engineering talent, plus cloud-based data insight.

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Technical overview

Open source data productivity, from Spotify

Spotify has unlocked greater performance efficiency in its workloads running on Google Cloud. Transitioning to cloud-based virtual machines, its engineers have worked with Google Cloud to create new types of VPNs and identity management. Working in open source, they created Scio, a way to run data pipes faster on Google Cloud and Apache Beam.  

Sustaining a collaborative engineering culture

Spotify is an engineering-focused company. They build new services and manage increasingly more data, all while pursuing new types of data analysis. They need flexible software tools and robust ways to collaborate across the globe. Working with Google Cloud’s Customer Relationship Engineers, they created a rapid feedback and action cycle well suited to Spotify’s agile culture.

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