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Customer Overview

Ocado Technology: enhancing security with Google Cloud

Founded in 2000, Ocado Technology's mission is to transform online grocery retail and enable some of the world’s most forward-thinking retailers to do grocery online profitably, scalably, and sustainably. Working with Google Cloud, Ocado Technology has embedded state-of-the-art security measures into its platform. 




Reduction in security scan time


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The Solution

Tackling security vulnerabilities with Google Cloud SCC

Ocado Technology is one of the world's most advanced end-to-end ecommerce, fulfillment, and logistics platforms. Grocery shopping has changed for good, and Ocado Group has played a major role in this transformation. To enhance its security, Ocado Technology decided to introduce Google Cloud’s Security Command Center (SCC) Premium as its centralized vulnerability and threat reporting service. 

Pioneering the future of online grocery shopping

Autonomy fuels innovation at Ocado Technology, which is why it wants to make its teams as self-sufficient as possible. SCC helps to make divisions more autonomous from the central organization and delivers all the security insights technology teams need to make smart decisions on their own and at pace. Speed is of the essence when it comes to threat mitigation, and SCC has enabled Ocado Technology to fix issues faster, making them less exposed to outside threats. In the past, scanning of Apache logging system Log4j could take up to eight hours. However SCC sped things up, and findings have now been nearly instantaneous since rolling out real-time Security Health Analytics.

Autonomy, security, and insights

From the start, Ocado Technology was impressed with the speed of deployment and security findings SCC surfaced. Whereas it would take several weeks in the past with other software vendors, Ocado Technology was able to quickly set up SCC in its environment and could immediately start identifying the most vulnerable assets. Ocado Technology is pioneering the future of online grocery shopping, and this future needs a strong security foundation. SCC helps to strengthen and maintain that foundation, making profitable, scalable, and secure online grocery shopping possible for even more businesses around the world. 

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Technical overview

Single source of truth for security solutions

Ocado Technology use SCC to detect misconfigurations and vulnerabilities across hundreds of projects throughout their organization, and to get an aggregated view of their security health findings. Ocado Technology filters the findings and then uses Pub/Sub or Cloud Functions to send alerts directly to the tools that each division is working with, such as Splunk or JIRA. This way, each team can discover and respond to the security findings in their own environment, with SCC acting as the single source of truth for security-related issues.
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