Using Compute Engine, Dolphin Technologies and Zirrus Drive the Future of Motor Vehicle Insurance


Imagine a car insurance plan based on your actual driving habits, not what city or neighborhood you live in. Then think about this: as soon as you get in an accident, a first responder is automatically and instantly contacted. And for insurers, what if you could learn more about the driving patterns of potential and current policyholders and tailor cost saving plans for those who provided the least risk? That’s the future of motor vehicle insurance, and it’s increasingly available today, through telematics – a combination of mobile devices and on-board, real time technologies.

Dolphin Technologies is the market leader in developing and selling holistic telematics solutions for the motor vehicle insurance market. Dolphin’s Avenger platform comprises six core elements – Receiver, Vehicle Data, Main Database, User/CRM Database, Marketing Automation, and Frontends – that form the technical basis for its telematics solutions. A flexible role and process model, interfaces (APIs) to all internal and external stakeholders, and the ability to be hosted both locally and in the cloud makes this application an optimal infrastructure for incorporating telematics solutions.avenger-image


Because of the complex processes and large data volumes handled by Avenger, Dolphin needed a solution capable of rapid deployment within a short lead time. In addition, the enhanced platform had to be extremely scalable and flexible – meeting the needs of a few thousand up to several hundred thousand users, or On Board Units (OBUs). Providing a high level of system resilience – to guarantee continual data transmission and storage – was also critical to Avenger’s success.

Dolphin initially considered an on premise solution but none of those would scale as needed, and the costs were far too high.


Together with Google partner Zirrus, Dolphin evaluated Google Cloud Platform and, after a test phase, opted for a solution that utilized Compute Engine. Key reasons for this decision were the platform’s maximum scalability, extensive functions (driven by 74 CPUs), ease-of-use and storage capacity (7TB with up to 2.5TB SSD performance). "We’re able to start off at low costs and then scale," explains Bernhard Fieglmüller, Cloud Advisor at Zirrus.

Speedy implementation of Dolphin’s Avenger platform was also essential. More than anything, the existing and comprehensive infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform proved pivotal to the project's success. With help from Zirrus, Dolphin was able to launch Avenger within three weeks. And going forward, Dolphin can concentrate on its core business without tying up resources.


Dolphin’s Avenger platform allows for scaling up or down, depending on levels of traffic. For example, stakeholders can easily balance peaks with high data volumes, such as holiday periods. An added benefit to customers is that they are able to save approximately $400,000 in implementation costs, as compared to an on-premises solution.

"With help from Zirrus and Google Cloud Platform, Dolphin is in a position to incorporate any and every form of infrastructure and to serve all stakeholders in the best possible manner,” said Harald Trautsch, Dolphin CEO & co-founder.