Google Container Engine Pricing and Quotas

Pricing for nodes

Container Engine uses Google Compute Engine instances for nodes in the cluster. You will be billed for those instances according to Compute Engine's pricing, until the nodes are deleted.

Pricing for cluster management

Google Container Engine charges a flat fee per hour per cluster for Google Container Engine's cluster management, depending on the number of nodes in that cluster:

Iowa Oregon Northern Virginia South Carolina Belgium London Singapore Sydney Taiwan Tokyo
Nodes in the cluster Referred to on your bill as... Price for cluster
0 to 5 nodes Basic Cluster
6+ nodes Standard Cluster

This fee is in addition to the pricing for nodes.

If your cluster is resized, the pricing for that cluster will change accordingly.

Pricing calculator

You can create an estimate of your monthly Container Engine charges, including node pricing, using the Google Cloud Platform pricing calculator.

A note about Kubernetes master nodes

If you're coming to us from the open-source Kubernetes project, you're used to the master node running on an additional machine instance. Google Container Engine abstracts away the existence of the master; it doesn't count as an instance for the purpose of pricing.

Quotas and limits

The following per-project limits are enforced:

  • Maximum of 50 clusters per zone.
  • Maximum of 2000 nodes per cluster.

API rate limits are:

  • 10 requests per second.

You might also encounter Google Compute Engine resource quotas. Additionally, for projects with default regional Compute Engine CPUs quota, container clusters are limited to three per region.

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