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Curious about how the Advanced Solutions Lab works? Learn more in this podcast

Asl training programme

Advanced Solutions Lab

Build high-impact business solutions alongside Google machine learning experts

The Advanced Solutions Lab is an immersive training program that provides a unique opportunity for technical teams to learn from Google's machine learning experts in a dedicated, collaborative space on Google Campus.

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Full time

Full-time, four-week intensive on Google Campus


Apply machine learning at scale


Drive business performance and key objectives

Sample schedule

Sample weekly schedule for machine learning Intro to Google Cloud and machine learning WEEK 1 Building better models WEEK 2 Deep dive into machine learning WEEK 3 Tailored capstone project WEEK 4

On-site education in dedicated, collaborative spaces

The program consists of a full-time, four-week intensive program developed from the same core curriculum Google uses to train their engineers on machine learning. Your team will have the opportunity to dive into their chosen use case and how machine learning can help improve business performance and achieve key objectives. At program completion, attendees will be prepared to apply machine learning at scale and tackle challenging machine learning scenarios.

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  • Available in the Bay Area, New York, Dublin, Singapore, and Tokyo
  • Immersive, hands-on training in key machine learning areas using TensorFlow, AI Platform tools, systems, and APIs
  • Full-time, cohort-based approach
  • Dedicated, badge-secured Google workspace accessible only to your team for the duration of the project

Immerse yourself in the Advanced Solutions Lab, remotely.

ASL Virtual provides you and your team the opportunity to work with Google engineers even if you can't make it to a Google campus.

  • ASL Virtual:

  • Is delivered remotely for up to 16 participants over 5 weeks
  • Offers access to machine learning experts for the full duration of the engagement
  • Is optimized for best practices in virtual learning

Please contact us for more information about ASL virtual.

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