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Apigee Integration

Apigee Integration

Connect existing data and applications, and surface them as easily accessible APIs.

  • Take the API-first approach to application integration 

  • Quickly configure integrations with intuitive drag and drop interface

  • Monitor and track the health of integrations with built-in monitoring

  • Reduce the risk associated with data connectivity challenges


Unlock new business models

Take advantage of new digital channels and business models by making valuable data and services available as APIs to your partners and developers.

Accelerate time to market

Add new services and technologies to applications without having to re-architect your entire system.

Increase developer productivity

Enable developers to simultaneously connect various applications and seamlessly build multiple APIs based on the established API definition.

Key features

Key features

Unified solution for API management and integration

A unified solution that enables developers to not only connect their existing applications, but also build and manage APIs within the same interface.

Support for new connectivity patterns

Complex integration patterns that enable use cases such as required looping, parallel execution, data mapping, conditional routing, manual approvals, and event-based triggers. 

Pre-built connectors

A set of pre-built connectors to a number of data sources and applications, including Salesforce, Cloud SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), Pub/Sub, and BigQuery.

Built for global enterprise scale

Apigee Integration is built with Google Cloud's cloud-native architecture principles that allows enterprise IT teams to rapidly scale their operations. 

ATB Financial
With Apigee Integration and API Management, we're planning to facilitate our API integration approach by connecting, securing, and managing the multitude of data and applications required to support digital experiences at ATB Financial.

Innes Holman, VP Tech Strategy & Architecture, ATB Financial




Apigee Integration and Apigee proxy Integration targets

This tutorial shows you how to use the Apigee X proxy wizard to create a proxy with an Integration target.
Google Cloud Basics

Apigee Integration and Pub/Sub

This tutorial shows you how to create a sample integration using Apigee Integration and the Pub/Sub Trigger. 

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Apigee Integration pricing

Apigee offers simple but flexible pricing options no matter where you are in your API and integration journey—whether you're trying a pilot or driving a digital transformation program.