Pricing overview

When you use AI Platform Notebooks, you pay for the Google Cloud resources you use with your notebook instances, such as Compute Engine. There are no charges specific to using AI Platform Notebooks. For example:

  • Compute Engine resources: You incur costs from the time that you create an AI Platform Notebooks instance until you delete the AI Platform Notebooks instance. The default AI Platform Notebooks machine type is n1-standard-4, but you can choose a different machine type. You are also charged for a 100 GB Standard Persistent Disk, which is used as a boot disk (see Storage resources). The boot disk is deleted when the VM instance is deleted. For instances without attached disks, you won't be charged when the instance is shut down. If your instance has a disk, delete it to avoid incurring costs.

  • Data Analysis Services: You incur BigQuery costs when you issue SQL queries within AI Platform Notebooks (see BigQuery Pricing). Also, when you use AI Platform Training or AI Platform Prediction, you might incur AI Platform Training and AI Platform Prediction costs or Dataflow charges.

  • Customer-managed encryption keys: You incur costs when you use customer-managed encryption keys. Each time your Notebooks instance uses a Cloud Key Management Service key, that operation is billed at the rate of Cloud KMS key operations (see Cloud KMS pricing).

  • Other resources: You may incur costs for other API requests you make within the AI Platform Notebooks environment. These costs will vary by API.

When you create a new notebook and specify your instance options, AI Platform Notebooks provides a monthly cost estimate. See the Google Cloud Pricing Calculator for more information.