Migrating VMs to Google Cloud Platform

Free VM migration to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Velostrata and select migration partners.

Your journey to GCP made easy

Your journey to GCP made easy

Moving computing workloads to the cloud can deliver compelling benefits, but the mechanics of data and workload migration may strain limited IT resources. Google offers free solutions for customers migrating VMs to GCP, as well as an extensive ecosystem of partners to help with discovery and assessment, planning, migration, special use cases, and more.

Getting started with VM migration

Lift and shift workloads

Lift and shift workloads

Moving workloads to the cloud has many benefits, including helping you escape capital-intensive refresh cycles. With our partners’ on-premises discovery and analysis tools, you can understand the cost benefit of moving to the cloud. Once you’re ready, our industry-leading solution, Velostrata, can migrate your VMs to GCP for free*, delivering a fast, frictionless migration journey.

*The Velostrata product/service is free to use; consumption of GCP resources will be billed at standard rates.

Test in production environments

Test in production environments

Replicating your production environment for staging and testing creates unnecessary costs and operational overhead. Google and its partners have purpose-built solutions for creating dev/test versions of your production environment when you need them, reducing large capital expenditures.

Cloud disaster recovery

Cloud disaster recovery

In conjunction with our partners, we have developed tools to continuously replicate your applications to the cloud, providing a robust disaster recovery solution. With recovery point objectives that help you restore from a recent state and recovery time objectives that guarantee you’ll get back up and running quickly, you can rest assured that your workloads are resilient.

Self-service or partner assisted?

Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, our self-service and partner-assisted options can meet your needs.

Migration Phase Assessment Planning Network Configuration Replication
Self-service Internal teams generate maps of application dependencies and network traffic. Internal teams download cost models from public cloud vendors and create complex spreadsheets modeling the cost. Teams estimate the best virtual resources to use. Teams configure network rules to match their internal systems. Teams use GCP’s free migration service. Premium OS licenses are mapped (when possible) and packed with the images.
Partner assisted Partners deploy agents on the network to map server and network activity. Application clusters are automatically extracted. Partners determine the appropriate machine types to handle existing workloads across multiple public cloud vendors. Partner solutions enable networking to match the existing topology. Partners replicate the virtual machines in the cloud, accounting for licensing transitions.

Migrating VMs to GCP

When you're ready to execute, Google offers a wide range of products and services to help you migrate your VMs to GCP.


Velostrata’s agentless streaming cloud migration solution moves your applications from on-premises or other clouds into GCP with speed and simplicity.

Cloud Sprint

During this week-long, hands-on workshop, Google Cloud experts work alongside your team to set up your foundational infrastructure in GCP and migrate an application.

Transfer Appliance

Transfer Appliance is a rackable high-capacity storage server that you set up in your data center. You fill it with data and ship it to an ingest location. Then we’ll upload the data to Google Cloud Storage.

Recommended VM migration partners

These handpicked partners can guide you through every stage — from initial planning and assessment to migration and disaster recovery strategies — at your own pace.



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Self-service migration resources

If you’d prefer to move your virtual machines to GCP on your own, check out our best-practices documentation and platform resources for more information.

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