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Cloud Migration

Ramping up cloud migration discovery and assessment with StratoZone

August 24, 2020
Souvik Choudhury

Product Manager

Erwan Menard

Director, Infrastructure and Applications Modernization Solution Management

Businesses around the world have been impacted by the global pandemic, making the need to migrate to the cloud more urgent than ever. On their own, many organizations have difficulty completing cloud migrations on time and on budget. Among their challenges: unknown capacity needs and sizing; unknown performance thresholds; navigating expensive hardware refresh cycles or contract renewals; understanding licensing and support issues; and compliance and security concerns. 

At Google Cloud, we believe migrating to the cloud must be simple and provide clear advantages. We recently launched RAMP, our holistic migration program that provides the best of our expertise, services, partners, and tools to enable a simpler, faster path to cloud success. RAMP helps customers unlock their cloud potential through repeatable processes with predictable results for cloud migrations. To accelerate the assessment and planning phases, we acquired StratoZone, a migration discovery and assessment specialist.

Since 2014, StratoZone has helped thousands of companies understand their data center footprint, plan out their migration, and make the jump to the cloud. Now as part of Google Cloud, their technology and expertise supports enterprises who are looking to accelerate their cloud migrations, helping discover, assess, and understand complex dependencies across workloads moving to the cloud. 

As part of our cloud migration program, these tools will help you more predictably evaluate your IT landscape and plan what can move, what should move, and in what order. This means a migration program that is:

  1. Fast: Assess your workloads quickly, with a solution that takes very little time to install and run (typically under 45 minutes), and can scale to discover and assess thousands of assets in hours. Initial results are typically available in days.

  2. Easy to use: Discover workloads and assets using an agentless process. No appliances, hardware, or agents to deploy. Discovery is hypervisor and physical/virtual agnostic.

  3. Secure: All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Customers control data anonymization.

Based on best practices: Recommendations for optimal migration and modernization targets based on existing assets (including estimating TCO), proposing an optimal mix of cloud services as well as migration phases that minimize application disruption.

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How to get started with discovery and assessment for your migration

We’re excited to help you make your move to the cloud. To get started, click here to estimate your cloud migration costs with a free assessment or get hands-on with the tech with this Qwiklab.

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