SQL Server on Google Cloud

Migrate and run Microsoft SQL Server on Compute Engine or use managed Cloud SQL for SQL Server

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  • action/check_circle_24px Created with Sketch. Bring your existing SQL Server licenses and run them on Compute Engine
  • action/check_circle_24px Created with Sketch. Run license-included SQL Server VM images on Compute Engine
  • action/check_circle_24px Created with Sketch. Use fully managed Cloud SQL for SQL Server to reduce operational overhead
  • action/check_circle_24px Created with Sketch. Full compatibility and configurable custom VM shapes help you optimize cost

Reduce dependence

Improve server utilization by paying as you go (including BYOL). Take advantage of a managed database service that provides high availability, updates, and replication, so you can focus on business value.

Global infrastructure

Industry-leading VM performance speeds up Windows boot times dramatically. Your databases run on Google’s global fiber network. The result is ultra low latency for your applications.

Fine-grained control

Custom Machine Types give admins control over the vCPU, RAM, and storage you provision for your virtual machine, to help ensure the ideal price-performance match for your enterprise applications.

Key features

Lift and shift SQL Server

Migrate your existing workloads to Cloud SQL or SQL Server running on Compute Engine with full compatibility. SQL Server running on Google Cloud works with all of your familiar tools like SSMS and Visual Studio. Connect your existing workloads to the best of what Google Cloud has to offer.

Reduce operational overhead

Cloud SQL for SQL Server is a fully managed database service with a 99.95% SLA. Being fully managed includes upgrades, patching, maintenance, backups, and tuning. Regional availability and various VM shapes with memory from 3.75 GB up to 416 GB and storage up to 30 TB for all workloads provide flexible scaling options to eliminate the need to pre-provision or plan capacity before you get started.

Live migration for underlying VMs

When you run SQL Server on Compute Engine, the virtual machines can live-migrate between host systems without rebooting, which keeps your applications running even when host systems require maintenance.


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Google Cloud Basics
SQL Server on Compute Engine

Run SQL Server on Compute Engine with your own licenses or with pre-configured images.

Configuring SQL Server Availability Groups

Configure instances to use Windows Server Failover Clustering and SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Best Practice
SQL Server best practices

Best practices to optimize Compute Engine instances that run Microsoft SQL Server.

Best Practice
Migrate SQL Server 2008 to Cloud SQL for SQL Server

Migrate data from SQL Server 2008 to Cloud SQL for SQL Server 2017 Enterprise.


Pricing for SQL Server depends on if you are running it on Compute Engine—which is based on per-second usage of the machine types, persistent disks, and other resources that you select—or on Cloud SQL for SQL Server.


Google Cloud’s partners can advise and assist you with managing, migrating, optimizing, and modernizing your SQL Server, Windows, and .NET applications.