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Google Cloud for education technology

Advance learning for everyone by building AI and data-driven experiences with Google Cloud, and reach students and educators worldwide by integrating your services with our Google for Education tools.
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  • Classcraft
  • Finalsite
  • ManagedMethods
  • Redivis
  • Screencastify


Enhance educational experiences for learners anywhere

From building serverless apps to easily infusing AI into your data, we're here to help solve your biggest challenges in education and workforce development.

Build serverless apps for learners, quickly and securely

Build serverless apps fast with Firebase and App Engine.

Scalable, pay-as-you-go Cloud Functions lets you run your code with zero server management.

Embrace modern cloud-native approaches like serverless, microservices, and containers with Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run, and Cloud Build.

Easily host a secure, reliable website for your students, educators, and IT admins to access.

Increase software delivery velocity, improve service reliability, and build shared ownership among your EdTech developers.

Build connected experiences and operational efficiency with Apigee, a platform to design, secure, analyze, and scale APIs anywhere.

Easily infuse AI and smart analytics into your data workflows

Our AI-powered analytic platform can help drive insights that engage students throughout their education, from increasing retention to personalized learning.

Improve your time to market with our AI building blocks, which make it easy to add sight, language, conversation, and structured data into your applications.

AI Platform makes it easy for machine learning engineers and data scientists to take their projects from ideation to deployment, quickly and cost-effectively.

Contact Center AI’s virtual agents can meet student or educator needs, from product to pricing questions, while freeing up staff to help with more difficult issues.

Use BigQuery to drive insights from your EdTech company's data when you migrate and modernize with Google Cloud’s data warehouse modernization solutions.

Our AI and data analytics solutions can help you build virtual assistants or tutors to help personalize learning, automate assessments, and retain students.

Future-proof your IT with flexible cloud environments

Anthos lets you build, deploy, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and even edge locations in a secure, consistent manner.

Compute Engine offers computing infrastructure in predefined or custom machine sizes to accelerate your cloud transformation.

Migrate and modernize your workloads on Google's secure, reliable infrastructure while keeping up new product features and your big goals.

Stay as prepared as possible for all situations, from natural disasters to short notice data requests, with Cloud Storage backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Google's secure-by-design infrastructure and global network make it easy to detect, investigate, and help stop threats that target your company or user's data.

Google Cloud services that protect your apps against fraudulent activity, spam, and abuse.

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Partners for education technology

Find a trusted partner who can help you quickly build and deploy Google Cloud for education solutions, or become a partner by integrating with our Google for Education tools.

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