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Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Gain visibility into the performance, availability, and health of your applications and infrastructure.


For Google Cloud and other environments

Cloud Monitoring offers automatic out-of-the-box metric collection dashboards for Google Cloud services. It also supports monitoring of hybrid and multicloud environments.

Identify trends, prevent issues

Metrics, events, and metadata are displayed with rich query language that helps identify issues and uncover patterns. Service-level objectives measure user experience and improve collaboration with developers.

Reduce monitoring overhead

One integrated service for metrics, uptime monitoring, dashboards, and alerts reduces time spent navigating between systems. Observability in context makes metrics available within Google Cloud resource pages.

Key features

Key features

SLO monitoring

Automatically infer or custom define service-level objectives (SLOs) for applications and get alerted when SLO violations occur. Check out our step-by-step guide to learn how to set SLOs, following SRE best practices.

Managed metrics collection for Kubernetes and virtual machines

Google Cloud’s operations suite offers Managed Service for Prometheus for use with Kubernetes, which features self-deployed and managed collection options to simplify metrics collection, storage, and querying. For VMs, you can use the Ops Agent, which combines logging and metrics collection into a single agent that can be deployed at scale using popular configuration and management tools. 

Google Cloud integration

Discover and monitor all Google Cloud resources and services, with no additional instrumentation, integrated right into the Google Cloud console.

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