Cloud Bigtable

A petabyte-scale, fully managed NoSQL database service for large analytical and operational workloads.

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Low latency, massively scalable NoSQL

Ideal for ad tech, fintech, and IoT, Cloud Bigtable offers consistent sub-10ms latency. Replication provides higher availability, higher durability, and resilience in the face of zonal failures. Cloud Bigtable is designed with a storage engine for machine learning applications and provides easy integration with open source big data tools.

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Fast and performant

Use Cloud Bigtable as the storage engine for large-scale, low-latency applications as well as throughput-intensive data processing and analytics.

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Seamless scaling and replication

Provision and scale to hundreds of petabytes and smoothly handle millions of operations per second. Changes to the deployment configuration are immediate, so there’s no downtime during reconfiguration. Replication adds high availability for live serving apps, and workload isolation for serving vs. analytics.

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Simple and integrated

Cloud Bigtable integrates easily with popular big data tools like Hadoop, Cloud Dataflow, and Cloud Dataproc. Plus, Cloud Bigtable supports the open source industry standard HBase API, which makes it easy for your development teams to get started.

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Fully managed

Because we manage the database and handle the configuring and tuning, you can focus on developing applications.

Cloud Bigtable reference architectures

Financial analysis

Build models based on historical behavior. Continually update fraud patterns and compare with real-time transactions. Store and consolidate market data, trade activity, and other data, such as social and transactional data.

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Ingest and analyze large volumes of time series data from sensors in real time, matching the high speeds of IoT data to track normal and abnormal behavior. Enable customers to build dashboards and drive analytics on their data in real time.

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Integrate large volumes of unrefined data from many sources, typically to drive consistent customer activity across channels. Collect and compare large volumes of behavior data across customers to find common patterns that can drive recommendations and sales.

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By combining Google Cloud Bigtable as a core index searcher with Cognite software, we’ve created a solution that performs 50 times faster than the next best alternative for handling time series data.

Dr. John Markus Lervik, CEO, Cognite


Cloud Bigtable is built to integrate with the Apache® ecosystem and other Google Cloud products. Within the Google Cloud ecosystem, BigQuery can query data stored in a Cloud Bigtable database, and you can use Dataflow to process data that is stored in Cloud Bigtable or to store the output of your Dataflow pipeline. Cloud Bigtable support for the HBase API enables an interface with a range of capabilities such as Apache Beam® for data processing, JanusGraph® for graph-based analysis, and OpenTSDBTM for time-series analysis.

For more details on the range of Cloud Bigtable integrations, please refer to the Integrations section of the Cloud Bigtable documentation.

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Cloud Bigtable is a fast, fully managed, massively scalable NoSQL database service.

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