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How WePay uses stream analytics for real-time fraud detection using GCP and Apache Kafka
Overview of WePay's stream analytics pipeline for fraud detection, which gives them answers to queries in near-real time without affecting their main transactional business system. The pipeline uses several Google Cloud Platform services, including Cloud Bigtable and Google Cloud Dataflow.

How Qubit deduplicates streaming data at scale with Google Cloud Platform
Learn how Qubit uses Cloud Bigtable and Google Cloud Platform to dedupe messages at scale, with no self-managed components.

Scaling exactEarth's satellite vessel-tracking service using GeoMesa on Google Cloud Platform
Description of how exactEarth uses Cloud Bigtable and Google Cloud Platform to scale their solution for global geospatial analytics.

Bigtable paper earns the SIGOPS 2016 Hall of Fame Award
Blog post about the SIGOPS award earned by the 2006 paper, "Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data."

Financial services firm processes 25 billion stock market events per hour with Cloud Bigtable
A look at how FIS load-tested Cloud Bigtable's ability to process simulated market events.

Validating, processing and linking 25 billion trade events in one hour: the data disruption of financial market forensics
FIS's own article about load-testing Cloud Bigtable.


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Cloud Bigtable with Ian Lewis
Interview with Ian Lewis, a Google Cloud Platform Developer Advocate based in Tokyo, about Cloud Bigtable.

Server Density with David Mytton
The CEO and founder of Server Density, a scalable infrastructure monitoring software company, talks about their experience migrating from on-premises MongoDB to Cloud Bigtable.

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