Cloud Bigtable Locations

When you create a Cloud Bigtable instance, you must choose a location where the instance will be created. You cannot change the location after you create the instance.

Cloud Bigtable is available in zonal locations, which are zones within a Google Cloud Platform region. If a zone becomes unavailable, all of the zonal resources in that zone are unavailable until service is restored.

To reduce latency and increase availability, store your data close to the users and services that need it. For example, if you frequently write data to Cloud Bigtable from a Cloud Storage bucket in the us-central1 (Iowa) region, create your Cloud Bigtable instance in a zone within us-central1.

Cloud Bigtable is available in the following zonal locations:

Zone Name Zone Description
us-central1-b Iowa
us-central1-c Iowa
us-central1-f Iowa
us-east1-b South Carolina
us-east1-c South Carolina
europe-west1-b Belgium
europe-west1-c Belgium
europe-west1-d Belgium
Asia Pacific
asia-east1-a Taiwan
asia-east1-b Taiwan

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