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Migrate from PaaS—OpenShift or Cloud Foundry

Customers adopted PaaS solutions (Cloud Foundry and OpenShift) to standardize their application platforms. Now they have become more of a constraint than a benefit. Our solution helps customers simplify their migration.


Standardize on Kubernetes and reduce licensing and operational costs

Comprehensive solutions

Google Cloud’s solutions provide an end-to-end approach including assessing and migrating customers’ PaaS landscape as well as operating them post-migration. 

Minimize risk

Eliminates cumbersome PaaS platform upgrades that result in customers staying on outdated platforms longer and being vulnerable to security issues.

Cost reduction

Organizations can eliminate their expensive PaaS subscription costs and also reduce their operational costs by running their PaaS and Kubernetes applications on a unified platform.


Migrating from Cloud Foundry or OpenShift

Learn more about our solutions for migrating from OpenShift or Cloud Foundry.

Best Practice
Migrate from OpenShift

Our solution allows you to migrate from OpenShift to GKE/Anthos using our tools and standardized approaches.

Best Practice
Migrate from Cloud Foundry

Learn how you can migrate from Cloud Foundry to Cloud Run/GKE to minimize your TCO.