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Migrate from Cloud Foundry

Standardize on Kubernetes and reduce licensing and operational costs - all without causing any major disruption to application teams.


Reduce licensing and operational costs with minimal disruption to developers

Cost reduction

Organizations can eliminate their expensive PCF subscription costs and also reduce their operational costs by running their PCF and Kubernetes applications on a unified platform.

Modern application platform

Help customers run their applications on Kubernetes, a platform built upon Google’s vast expertise of running highly scalable and reliable applications.

Minimize risk

Eliminates cumbersome PCF platform upgrades that result in customers staying on outdated platforms longer and being vulnerable to security issues.

Key features

Building a platform for the future

By migrating applications from PCF to GKE/Anthos, customers can adopt a platform that is not just built for today but for the future.

Assessment and discovery

Analyze PCF environments, assess applications, and understand the compatibility for migrating to GKE/Anthos using Kf.

Migration tooling

Customers can leverage our migration tooling to easily migrate chosen Cloud Foundry applications to Google Cloud.

Minimize developer disruption

This solution allows application teams to preserve their existing development workflow. Kf provides the same developer experience on Kubernetes.

Unified application platform

By leveraging Kf to run PCF applications on Anthos/GKE, customers get a unified platform for running their PCF and Kubernetes applications. 

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Demo and Customer Story

Learn about CoreLogic's migration from Cloud Foundry to GKE. Also see a demo of how you can use Kf to migrate applications from Cloud Foundry to GCP.


Migrating Cloud Foundry workloads with Kf

Learn how your teams can leverage Kf to migrate your Cloud Foundry workloads to Google Cloud.

Kf dependencies and architecture

Overview of Kf architecture and its various components and dependencies.

Google Cloud Basics
Kf quickstart

In this quickstart, you will deploy a sample Cloud Foundry app on an existing Kf cluster.