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Application migration

Migrating applications to cloud helps you avoid expensive refresh cycles. Use discovery and assessment tools to understand the cost benefit of moving to the cloud, then execute using our portfolio of migration solutions.
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Improve your business by migrating your applications to Google Cloud

Improve performance

With things like automatic sizing recommendations and custom machine types, Google Cloud gives you exactly what your applications need.

Keep things secure

Data is encrypted both in motion and at rest, with millisecond access for all storage classes and on-the-fly disk resizing.

Do more, pay less

Whether it’s VMs that are billed on a per-second basis with no up-front costs, or better density with containers, Google Cloud saves you more even as your needs grow.

Your road map to the cloud, in four simple stages: Plan your journey from start to finish and get a helpful checklist of essential tasks. Download the guide.

Key features

Why you should do your app migration with Google Cloud

Migrating applications to Google Cloud can help you optimize for performance, scale, and security while reducing on-premises costs. Watch video.

Shift your VMware landscape directly into Google Cloud

Use Google Cloud VMware Engine to migrate or extend your on-premises VMware workloads to Google Cloud in minutes and without application refactoring.

Migrate your workloads into Compute Engine

Migrate for Compute Engine gets VM-based applications from on-premises or other clouds into Compute Engine at no additional cost,* delivering a fast, simple migration.

Upgrade to containers on Kubernetes Engine

Migrate for Anthos makes it fast and easy to modernize traditional applications away from virtual machines and into native containers in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Looking for more guidance? Our holistic cloud migration and modernization program, Google Cloud RAMP (Rapid Assessment and Migration Program), helps you easily gain insight into your current landscape and estimate the total cost of migration with a complimentary assessment from Google Cloud. Sign up, or check out this video to learn more about our philosophies on migration.



These handpicked partners can guide you through every stage—from initial planning and assessment to migration and disaster recovery strategies—at your own pace.


Helping you craft the right app migration journey

Best Practice
Migrating apps hosted on virtual machines to Compute Engine

Use this guide to understand all of your migration options and how to properly plan and execute your plan when you’re ready.

Best Practice
Intelligent Operations with Active Assist

Migrating applications to Google Cloud is step 1. Using them optimally is step 2. Learn how to harness the intelligence of Google Cloud for your operations.

Google Cloud Basics
Data Center Migration with Google Cloud

Explore how Google Cloud works to craft the right data center migration for you and your business.

Coursera: Migrating to Google Cloud

This beginner’s level course introduces participants to migrating workloads to Google Cloud as well as fundamental concepts and more in-depth topics.

Pluralsight: Migrating to GCP

This training course introduces participants to migrating workloads to Google Cloud and offers strategies for migrating from the source environment to the cloud.

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