This document explains Pub/Sub Lite pricing details.

Pub/Sub Lite is free for a limited time during the beta period. This pricing information is for reference.

Pricing overview

Pub/Sub Lite pricing is based on the following:

  • The throughput capacity that you provision for partitions
  • The amount of storage that you provision for partitions


Throughput capacity is priced per partition per hour. Pub/Sub Lite charges for the maximum amount of publishing and subscribing throughput that you provision in the hour.

Throughput capacity is provisioned in MiB per sec. A partition can have 4 to 16 MiB per sec of publishing throughput capacity and 4 to 32 MiB per sec of subscribing throughput capacity.


A partition must have at least 30 GiB of storage. Each of the partitions in a Lite topic has the same amount of storage.

Pub/Sub Lite charges for the maximum amount of storage that you provision in a month.

Pricing table

The pricing table shows what charges apply when using Pub/Sub Lite.

For an example scenario with usage and charges, see Pricing example.

Pricing examples

To determine how much capacity to provision to a Pub/Sub Lite system, account for the throughput and storage that you need on average and any spare capacity for peak traffic.

If you use 10 MiB per sec of publishing throughput and 20 MiB per sec of subscribing throughput on average, provision 20 MiB per sec of publishing capacity and 40 MiB per sec of subscribing capacity, at a cost $180 per month in North America.

The following table shows the cost of this usage pattern and how scaling the throughput capacity changes the cost:

Data published/s Data received/s Data published/mo Publishing capacity/s Subscribing capacity/s Cost
1 MiB 1 MiB 2.5 TiB 4 MiB 4 MiB $27
1 MiB 2 MiB 2.5 TiB 4 MiB 4 MiB $27
10 MiB 10 MiB 25 TiB 20 MiB 20 MiB $135
10 MiB 20 MiB 25 TiB 20 MiB 40 MiB $180
100 MiB 100 MiB 247 TiB 200 MiB 200 MiB $1,350
100 MiB 200 MiB 247 TiB 200 MiB 400 MiB $1,800

To estimate the storage and the cost of storage per partition, determine how long to store messages and how much spare storage you need. For example, to publish 4 MiB of messages per sec and retain messages for one day, provision 337.5 GiB of storage. To save half of the storage for traffic increases, provision each partition at least 675 GiB.

The following table shows the cost of storage in North America:

Data published/s Data published/mo Maximum storage/mo Cost/partition
1 MiB 2.5 TiB 84 GiB $3
10 MiB 25 TiB 844 GiB $34
100 MiB 247 TiB 8438 GiB $338

Comparing pricing

The following table compares the monthly cost of Pub/Sub Lite and Pub/Sub systems that store messages for one day:

Data published/s Data published/mo Data received/mo Storage/mo Total Pub/Sub Lite cost Total Pub/Sub cost
1 MiB 2.5 TiB 2.5 TiB 84 GiB $27 $200
1 MiB 2.5 TiB 5 TiB 84 GiB $27 $300
10 MiB 25 TiB 25 TiB 844 GiB $169 $2,000
10 MiB 25 TiB 50 TiB 844 GiB $214 $3,000
100 MiB 247 TiB 247 TiB 8438 GiB $1,688 $19,760
100 MiB 247 TiB 494 TiB 8438 GiB $2,138 $29,640

When you compare the cost of Pub/Sub Lite and Pub/Sub, consider the differences between the products. For more information about the differences between Pub/Sub and Pub/Sub Lite, see Choosing Pub/Sub Lite or Pub/Sub.