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Process, analyze, and annotate genomics and biomedical data at scale using containerized workflows.
From Genomics to Life Sciences

From Genomics to Life Sciences

Cloud Life Sciences (formerly Google Genomics) enables the life science community to process biomedical data at scale. Cost effective and supported by a growing partner ecosystem, Cloud Life Sciences lets you focus on analyzing data and reproducing results while GCP takes care of the rest.

For life sciences and academic research institutions

Bioinformaticians, build what you want, not just what you need, using open standards. Researchers, speed up your research, ask new questions, and share data in a secure online environment. IT professionals, rest easy knowing you have the resources you need to meet computational demand, secure data, and ensure system reliability.

Support for top workflow engines

Many of the popular workflow engines run on GCP so you can continue to use the tools you already know, including Cromwell, Nextflow, and Galaxy.

Growing ecosystem of partners

GCP is at the heart of several life science platforms so you can focus on your work and leave the rest to the experts, including platform, service, and support partners.

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Data sharing that makes sense

Your data is valuable to the life sciences community. With GCP, you can better manage access and usage of your data by hosting it in a storage bucket where operations, network, and retrieval costs are easily billed to your clients.

Learn how to set up Requester Pays buckets

Information security and compliance

GCP infrastructure provides reliable information security designed to meet or exceed the requirements of HIPAA and protected health information. Covered by our HIPAA Business Associates Agreement and available via FedRAMP ATO for the National Cancer Institute Cancer Cloud Pilots.

From raw data to robust analysis with Variant Transforms

Variant Transforms is an open source tool for loading and transforming raw VCF data for use in advanced analytics. Use Variant Transforms to load massive amounts of raw VCF data, validate it for inconsistencies, and then transform it into BigQuery for access to ML and powerful analysis.


Cost-optimized compute

Google Cloud’s Healthcare and Life Sciences team has optimized the most popular methods—like GATK, DeepVariant, and Sentieonto run on GCP.

Flexible machine sizes

Take advantage of Compute Engine, our infrastructure as a service (IaaS), to run large-scale workloads on virtual machines and pay only for what you use.

Built for batch processing

Preemptible VMs for affordable batch processing on fault-tolerant workloads to save you time and money.

Fully integrated with GCP

Experience the power of Google Cloud’s infrastructure with fast virtual machines, scalable storage, serverless data warehouses, and fully managed databases with GCP integration to tools like Cloud Spanner and BigQuery.

Open and interoperable

Use the tools and workflows you already know and enjoy support for open industry standards like Global Alliance for Genomics and Health.

Ready for AI / ML

Bring your data closer to public datasets and advanced analytics that come along with GCP.

Cloud Life Sciences in action

Cloud Life Sciences architecture diagram

Cloud Life Sciences architecture diagram

Our customers

Google Cloud Platform gives us the infrastructure to scale and quickly process a huge amount of data. No other cloud provider comes close.

Henrik Gehrmann, Head of Engineering, Clear Labs


GCP offers a variety of partnerships with Cloud Life Sciences expertise so our customers can focus on their work and not their infrastructure.

Technical resources


We have renamed Google Genomics to Cloud Life Sciences. For current service description please see the Google Cloud Platform Services Summary.

Cloud Life Sciences reflects the breadth of the product’s usage, its home within the Google Cloud product portfolio, and the dedication of the Cloud Life Sciences team to broadly support the life sciences industry.


Cloud Life Sciences does not charge for API use. Other cloud resources consumed while using Cloud Life Sciences are billed at the standard rates.

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This product is in beta. For more information on our product launch stages, see here.

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