Cloud Tools for IntelliJ

Debug production cloud applications right inside of IntelliJ


Make IntelliJ Your Cloud Platform IDE

Using Cloud Tools for IntelliJ you can easily deploy Java backends for your cloud apps to the Google App Engine flexible environment. You can run and test the backend locally, and when you're finished developing, you can deploy your backend live from within IntelliJ IDEA Community or Ultimate Editions. If there are problems in product, you can debug your cloud backend using Stackdriver Debugger without making your users wait.

Store Source and Debug

The IntelliJ plugin for Google Cloud Source Repositories lets you use hosted Git repos on Cloud Platform to store backend source code with your deployed services. You can then use Stackdriver Debugger for real-time debugging of your cloud backend.

Deploy to App Engine

The IntelliJ plugin allows users to conveniently develop, deploy to App Engine flexible environments, debug, and iterate on their application without having to ever leave their Java IDE interface.

Be More Productive

Java development in an IDE can be more efficient than navigating multiple interfaces such as the gcloud command line interface, the Cloud Console, and your compiler. Enjoy higher productivity and faster iterative development on Cloud Platform.

Cloud Tools for IntelliJ Features

Debug production cloud applications right inside of IntelliJ

Source Plugin
Our plugin lets you interact with a Cloud Source Repository hosted on Cloud Platform.
Stackdriver Debugger
Integration with Stackdriver Debugger to find and fix errors in your production apps without your users noticing a thing.
App Engine Deployment
As a preview feature, Cloud Tools for IntelliJ allows you to deploy your app into the App Engine flexible environment directly from the IDE.
Individuals and Enterprises
Our plugin is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA Community and Ultimate editions.

Cloud Tools for IntelliJ Pricing

Cloud Tools for IntelliJ is free to use for IntelliJ Community and Ultimate users.