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Reliable, efficient, and secured way to run Kubernetes clusters, anywhere.

Containerize On Prem Applications

Containerize on-premises applications and be cloud-ready

With GKE On-Prem, you get the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) experience directly in your data center. A quick and simple install and upgrade experience that’s validated and tested by Google. GKE On-Prem also registers your cluster with Google Cloud Console in order to have a single-pane-of-glass view for managing all your clusters. The abstraction layers built into Google Kubernetes Engine and GKE On-Prem allow you to make your applications “cloud-ready” and move them to the cloud at your own pace, all while developing operational skills that are portable.

Consistent Kubernetes experience

Consistent Kubernetes experience

Keep your environments in sync with the same Kubernetes version, OS, runtime, and add-ons between GKE On-Prem and Kubernetes Engine.

Secured Kubernetes clusters

Secured Kubernetes clusters

Always stay up to date with the latest Kubernetes versions and security patches tested and validated by Google. Upgrade with confidence with zero downtime.

Centralized cluster management

Centralized multi-cluster management

Monitor, manage, and enforce policies across all your Kubernetes Engine clusters, whether in the cloud or on-prem, from Google Cloud Console.

GKE On-Prem features

Identity and access management

Control access to your cluster using Cloud Identity or your on-premises identity provider.

Secure connection

Connect your on-prem cluster securely to Google Cloud Platform without the need for complicated VPNs.

Security and compliance

GKE On-Prem has a fully integrated stack of hardened components, including OS, container runtime, Kubernetes, and the cloud to which it connects.

Integrated logging and monitoring

Debug locally with Prometheus in your cluster, or enable Stackdriver Logging and Stackdriver Monitoring to view your metrics in the cloud with no instrumentation changes.

Stateful application support

GKE On-Prem isn’t just for 12-factor apps. You can attach persistent storage to containers and even host complete databases.

Fast, consistent builds

Use Google Cloud Build to reliably deploy your containers to any Kubernetes Engine cluster, cloud, or on-prem.

Workload portability, on-premises and cloud

GKE On-Prem runs conformant Kubernetes, enabling workload portability to other Kubernetes platforms across clouds and on-premises.

Multi-cluster dashboard

GCP Console offers useful dashboards for your project's clusters and their resources. You can use these dashboards to view, inspect, manage, and delete resources in your clusters.

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Products listed on this page will be in alpha in fall 2018. For more information on our product launch stages, see here.

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