Filestore pricing

This page explains the pricing for Filestore instances and backups.

Filestore pricing is based on the following elements:

  • Service tier: Whether the service tier of your instance is Basic HDD (Standard), Basic SSD (Premium), Regional and Enterprise, or Zonal and High Scale.
  • Instance capacity: You are charged for the allocated storage capacity, even if it is unused.
  • Region: The location where your instance is provisioned.

You are charged for a Filestore instance in 1-second increments, based on the instance's provisioned capacity in GiB. The following table shows the price per GiB by hour (3,600 seconds) or by month.

To see pricing, select a region from the following drop-down list:

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.
Hourly pricing varies by month. The exact hourly pricing can be calculated by dividing the monthly pricing by the number of hours in the desired month.

Charges are incurred as follows:

  • Your project starts incurring charges for a Filestore instance at the time you create the instance.
  • You are charged based on the provisioned capacity, not based on the capacity used. For example, if you create a 1 TiB instance and store 100 GiB of data on it, you incur charges for the entire 1 TiB.
  • Your project stops incurring charges for a Filestore instance at the time you delete the instance, rounded up to the nearest second.

Network pricing for traffic between the client and Filestore

There is no charge for inbound data transfer to Filestore or outbound data transfer to a client within the same zone as the Filestore instance. There is a charge for data transfer from Filestore when network traffic leaves the zone of the Filestore instance.

You may be charged for data transfer from other Google Cloud services into Filestore, such as from Compute Engine to Filestore.

Pricing examples

To calculate the cost of an instance, choose the desired region and then multiply the provisioned capacity with the unit price of the desired service tier.

Calculating the costs for a 2 TiB Basic HDD service tier instance in us-west1-b

The unit cost for a Basic HDD service tier instance in the Oregon region is $0.16 per GiB per month. Therefore, the monthly cost for a 2 TiB instance is 2,048 GiB * $0.16 or $327.68 per month.

Calculating the costs for a 10 TiB Zonal service tier instance in europe-west1-b

The unit cost for a Zonal service tier instance in the Belgium region is $0.28 per GiB per month. Therefore, the monthly cost for a 10 TiB instance is 10,240 GiB * $0.28 or $2,867.20 per month.

Backups pricing

You are charged for Filestore backups based on the number of stored bytes with a minimum charge of one hour of usage. The following table shows the price per GiB per month, where a month is defined as 730 hours.

In addition to storage costs, backups may incur network transfer costs.

The following table shows the pricing for backups. There is a minimum charge of one hour of usage.

Cross-regional network costs for backups

Backups are stored regionally. Networking charges apply when a backup is stored in a different region from the Filestore instance it was created from. There is no network cost for creating backups within the same region as the Filestore instance. For example, if your Filestore instance is in us-central1-a, there is no network cost if you create its backup in us-central1. The same applies for when you restore a Filestore instance from a backup.

However, if you store the backup in us-east1, then the "North America to North America" charge in the following table applies.

Backup network costs are charged in GiB transferred based on the following rates:

Source and destination of traffic Price per GiB transferred
North America to North America $0.01
Europe to Europe $0.02
Asia Pacific to Asia Pacific $0.05
South America to South America $0.08
Intercontinental (excluding Oceania) $0.08
Intercontinental to/from Oceania $0.15
Intercontinental to/from Africa $0.11
Intercontinental to/from MiddleEast (excluding Oceania) $0.11
MiddleEast to MiddleEast $0.08

Backups are compressed and subsequent backups after the first are incremental, meaning that they only include the changed bytes since the previous backup. As a result, cross-regional network costs for backups may vary considerably based on the compressibility of the data, change rates, and total bytes stored.

Pricing Calculator

To estimate the cost of using Filestore, you can use the Pricing Calculator:

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