Dialogflow is priced monthly based on the number of requests, both from text input and voice audio input recognized using the Cloud Speech API.

Dialogflow pricing differs based on the edition of your Dialogflow agent. To find out more about the different Dialogflow editions, see Dialogflow Editions. Prices for both editions are described in the following table:

Feature Dialogflow Standard Edition Dialogflow Enterprise Edition
Text Interaction Free* $0.002 per request
Voice Interaction Free* $0.0065 per 15 seconds**

* While use of the Dialogflow Standard Edition is free, there are limits on the amount of requests that you can make. For details, see Quotas & Limits.

** Each request is rounded up to the nearest increment of 15 seconds. For example, if you make three separate requests, each containing 7 seconds of audio, you are billed $0.0195 USD for 45 seconds (3 × 15 seconds) of audio. Fractions of seconds are included when rounding up to the nearest increment of 15 seconds. That is, 15.14 seconds are rounded up and billed as 30 seconds.

Google Cloud Platform Costs

If you use other Google Cloud Platform resources in tandem with Dialogflow, such as Google App Engine instances, then you will also be billed for the use of those services. See the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator to determine other costs based on current rates.

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