Vertex AI Agent Builder pricing

Prices are listed in US Dollars (USD).

Pricing for listed Generally Available (GA) functionality is invoked on Sep 1, 2023.

Vertex AI Agent Builder lets developers, even those with limited machine learning skills, tap into the power of Google's foundation large language models, search expertise, and conversational AI technologies to create enterprise-grade generative AI applications

Trial Credits & Support

$ 1,000 in FREE trial credits are awarded for use with Vertex AI Agent Builder. These credits are valid for 1 year period beginning from account signup with Vertex AI Agent Builder starting on Jul 18, 2023.

Questions about GA functionality or Preview features packaging and pricing?

Please contact your Google Cloud sales team for more information.

Vertex AI Agents pricing

Vertex AI Agent Builder provides the ability to quickly build virtual agents (chatbots) that generate answers based on the content (website, documents) you include in data stores. Using Vertex AI Agents, you can create a new Dialogflow CX virtual agent OR add the feature to an existing Dialogflow CX virtual agent.

To add additional generative AI capabilities to your Dialogflow CX virtual agents, you can leverage Generative Fallbacks which use a large language model (LLM) to gracefully handle scenarios where there is no match to the user's intent. Generators empower your bot builders to inject generative actions anywhere in your conversational flow — this could be to summarize a conversation, personalize an interaction, or chain multiple LLM calls together to create an entire generative workflow.

Pricing for Vertex AI Agents GA functionality

Vertex AI Agents Chat* $12.00 / 1,000 query**
Vertex AI Agents Voice* $0.002 / second†
Dialogflow CX Chat***(Standard, non-Generative AI capabilities for Chat) $7.00 / 1,000 query**
Dialogflow CX Voice***(Standard, non-Generative AI capabilities for Voice) $0.001 / second†
*All generative AI capabilities - Datastore agents, Generative Fallbacks, and Generators are included within Vertex AI Agents Chat and Voice SKU pricing.

*Customers can combine Dialogflow CX (non-generative) and Vertex AI Agents (generative) queries/seconds in the same agent or flow, and will automatically be charged for the actual usage of each feature set. This allows you to selectively leverage generative AI where applicable and only pay for what you actually use.

**Request (or Query): Billing metered per individual Request or Query.
A request or query is defined as any API call to the Dialogflow service or Vertex AI Agents service, whether direct with API usage or indirect with integration or console usage.
For example, a user asking a virtual agent (chatbot) a question and the chatbot responding is 1 Request. A user interaction with the chatbot can be made up of multiple Requests to accomplish a task.

† Includes speech recognition, speech-to-text (STT), speech synthesis, text-to-speech (TTS), and telephony. The total billed audio processing duration is independent of any no-charge, non-audio processing (API latency, webhook processing, and so on) which may occur before, during, or after audio processing.

* Dialogflow CX Chat and Dialogflow CX Voice are not eligible for the $1,000 FREE trial credits. Dialogflow CX has an additional trial credits program that can be combined with this Vertex AI Agent Builder FREE trial credit program. See additional definitions of Dialogflow CX metering here.

Pricing Example for Vertex AI Agents GA functionality

Example of mixing intent-based and generative answers: Customer Support on Website

  • Intent-based, deterministic flows are used for some customer-specific questions (Billing, Payment)
  • Generative answers used to handle questions where no intent defined but answer is on the website


  • 100M annual website visits
  • 5% of visitors use the chatbot, 3 queries per use, 50% generative, 50% intent-based
SKU Volume Rate Total List Price
Dialogflow CX Chat (intent-based)
7.5M annual
100M*5% use*3 queries*50% intent-based
* $7.00 / 1k queries = $52,500
Dialogflow CX Enterprise Chat (generative)
7.5M annual
100M*5% use*3 queries*50% generative
* $12.00 / 1k queries = $90,000
Data Indexed
50GB annual
10GB free so 40GB used in price calc
* $5.00 / GB * 12 month = $2,400

Vertex AI Search pricing

Vertex AI Agent Builder provides the ability to quickly build Search Engines for website, unstructured data, structured data to retrieve information and generate grounded answers. You can read more about the features available in Vertex AI Search.

Pricing for Vertex AI Search GA functionality

Search Standard Edition* $2.00 / 1,000 query
Search Enterprise Edition* $4.00 / 1,000 query
Search LLM Add-On** +$4.00 / 1,000 query**
Search Standard Edition – Unstructured Search capabilities
Search Enterprise Edition – Unstructured Search + Website Search capabilities
Search LLM Add-On – Summarization + Multi-turn Search capabilities
Private Preview – Structured Search + New GenAI capabilities (contact sales for latest features)

*Query: Billing metered per individual Request or Query Input
A request or query is defined as any API call to Enterprise Search, whether direct with API usage or indirect with integration or console usage.
Example: a user asking a natural language question and the Search Engine responding is 1 query.
(Autocomplete suggestions do not count as queries; a query is counted only when the user submits a final search query.)

** LLM Add-On is added to a Query to augment the processing to use a Generative AI feature,
LLM Add-On can be used interchangeably with either Search Standard Edition or Search Enterprise Edition.
Example: executing a Search Enterprise query with a Summarization request = 1 Search Enterprise query + 1 LLM Add-On query

Pricing Example for Vertex AI Search GA functionality

Example of unstructured data : Document Search


  • 10M Standard Edition queries annually
  • 10M Enterprise Edition queries with 10M LLM Summarization queries annually
  • 100K documents @ ~1mb each
SKU Volume Rate Total List Price
Standard Search
10M annual * $2.00 / 1k queries = $20,000
Search Enterprise
10M annual * $4.00 / 1k queries = $40,000
Search LLM Add-On
Each query added to either Standard or Enterprise query
10M annual * +$4.00 / 1k queries = +$40,000
Data Indexed
100GB annual 10GB free so 90GB used in price calc * $5.00 / GB * 12 month = $5,400

Data Index pricing

Pricing for Vertex AI Agent Builder Index Data Storage

Data Indexed $5.00 / GiB per month
* Free quota of 10 GiB per month provided
** Shared across Vertex AI Agent Builder
*** Storage is calculated as 500 kibibytes (KiB) * "number of pages on website", where 1 KiB is 1,024 bytes. (500 KiB is ~0.000477 GiB; so data indexing pricing for a 1000 page website is $2.38 per month.)

Vertex AI Search for Healthcare pricing

Vertex AI Search for Healthcare provides the ability to quickly build medically tuned Search Engines over healthcare data.

Healthcare Search $20.00 / 1,000 query

Vertex AI Search for Healthcare includes some features in Preview such as GenAI answers, streaming updates to the index, and others. These features may be priced differently than the current listed price when they are released to General Availability.


  • 1,000,000 healthcare search requests a month

  • 1,000 GiB of healthcare data indexed

SKU Volume Rate Total List Price
1,000,000 searches $20/1000 $20,000
1,000 GiB $5/GiB $5,000

Vertex AI Search for Media pricing

Vertex AI Search for Media enables you to provide highly relevant video results, leveraging Google's query and contextual understanding to improve discovery across your media site.

Vertex AI Agent Builder: Data Index $5.00 / GB per month
Vertex AI Search: Media Search API Request Count $2.00 / 1,000 query

Vertex AI Search for Media Recommendations pricing

The only Media Recommendations operations that incur charges are training, tuning, or requesting predictions by calling the recommend method. There's no charge for importing or managing user events or document information.

Training (per node per hour) costs are charged on a daily basis if your model is actively training or if you have submitted a request to resume training. After you pause or delete a model, you are no longer charged. See the documentation for managing training.

Tuning (per node per hour) costs for active models are charged after the tune completes successfully. You are only charged for an incomplete tune if you pause or delete a model during an ongoing tune. In this case, you are then charged for the node hours that were consumed before the model tuning stopped. See the documentation for managing tuning.

Predictions $0.27 / 1,000 prediction
Training and Tuning $2.50 per node per hour

Pricing Example for Media Recommendations


  • 10,000,000 prediction requests a month

  • Trains a single model per day, which automatically retrains once per day

  • Amounts to about 150 node hours of model training and 30 hours of model tuning per month

SKU Volume Rate Total List Price
10M predictions * $0.27 / 1k predictions = $2,700
150 node hours (Training) * $2.50 / hour = $375
30 node hours (Tuning) * $2.50 / hour = $75
Total $3,150

Google Cloud Observability charges

Media Recommendations logs an error to Google Cloud Observability for each API request that results in an error, such as a user event request that contains malformed JSON, or a document import request with a negative price. Media Recommendations also logs an error for every prediction request with a document that is not in the imported datastore.

Google Cloud Observability charges by the GiB of logs stored and for retention beyond the default retention period. For details about the free allotment and data retention, see the Google Cloud Observability pricing page.

The size of the logging data depends on the size of your JSON payload, but a GiB would be approximately 200,000 Media Recommendations errors.

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