Telegraph Media Group builds a next-generation enterprise data warehouse for real-time data analytics using Google Cloud Platform

London-based Telegraph Media Group is a multimedia news publisher with titles including The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Telegraph website and The Telegraph digital edition. The Daily Telegraph is the UK’s best-selling quality daily newspaper with a long-established history of over 160 years and is unique in having maintained its broadsheet format.

In order to support its advertising, subscriptions and ecommerce businesses, and better align advertisers with possible customers, Telegraph Media Group leverages an enterprise data warehouse to gain insights about its existing and potential subscriber base. Analysis performed by the system helps the organization implement strategies designed to increase user engagement, boost ad impressions, drive conversions, determine optimal ad creative and support accurate planning and forecasting.

Traditionally, Telegraph Media Group had leveraged legacy technologies to run its enterprise data warehouse which was expensive and delayed timely access to actionable insights. In an effort to modernize its platform, the organization tested a system running on Hadoop using an alternative cloud services provider, but found the solution cost prohibitive and challenging from a technology and operational perspective when producing results in real time.

Ultimately, the company chose Google Cloud Platform to power its next-generation enterprise data warehouse. Through extensive testing and comparison, Google Cloud Platform proved to deliver the fastest, most cost-effective, scalable and flexible solution for analysing and delivering audience insights to support multiple facets of the organization’s digital advertising business.

“As the solution we use to power our enterprise data warehouse, Google Cloud Platform is miles ahead of the competition in terms of delivering cost-effective speed, flexibility and accuracy. In our tests, the platform completed queries on 4 terabytes of data in less than a minute - the kind of performance we need in order to support our business.”

— Robin Hayden, Head of Data and API Services, Telegraph Media Group

Engaging users more effectively

Clickstream logs, advertising logs and a range of other first- and third-party data sources are continually loaded into Google BigQuery which provides a deep and joined-up view of all behavioral data for analytics. Along with BigQuery providing petabyte scale analytics, Google Cloud SQL provides sub-second response times and together, the products deliver exploratory analysis and reporting at any scale. All of this helps Telegraph Media Group gain a deep understanding of its users in order to support advertisers, measure advertising campaign effectiveness and drive targeted content engagement. In addition to leveraging Google data analytics capabilities for persistent storage and large-scale processing capabilities, Telegraph Media Group also uses Google Cloud Pub/Sub to provide seamless integration that scales to millions of Telegraph web users to provide real time capabilities such as content recommendations.

“The ability to iterate rapidly over multiple terabytes of data across user interactions comprehensively has dramatically improved our audience intelligence. Google Cloud Platform makes this all possible,” says Hayden.

Faster time to insight, reduced costs

With Google Cloud Platform, Telegraph Media Group has reduced querying time and cut costs, performs real-time analytics and can more quickly gain a deep understanding of its audience. Queries that used to take hours now run in minutes, allowing the company to act on insights instantly. Telegraph Media Group pays only for the queries it runs, which reduces costs compared to alternative solutions.

“Thanks to Google Cloud Platform, we have an enterprise data warehouse that positions us well for the future. We can make better-informed decisions and focus on strategy versus worrying about infrastructure,” says Hayden.