Techreo moves its financial services digital platform to Google Cloud

About Techreo

Techreo is a Mexican IT and marketing company that enables unbanked individuals to access financial services.

Industries: Financial Services & Insurance
Location: Mexico

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The company has created a fault-free infrastructure to expand the reach of its products and services to more people, in more places.

Google Cloud results

  • Less complex management
  • Optimized platform uptime
  • 24/7 support enabled by cloud technologies
  • Increased users in associated institutions: from 250,000 to 650,000 in just two years

Enhanced flexibility and scalability in the cloud

Techreo is an IT and marketing company that enables unbanked or underserved individuals to access financial services. Based in Mexico, Techreo has 60 employees that develop and design products to serve the over 427,000 customers using its platform.

Thanks to its association with regulated financial institutions, the company can offer its platform of digital financial products and services to even more countries in Latin America. Techreo now expanded its operations to Bolivia, where it already has over 40,000 customers.

Using a cloud-native infrastructure and a DevOps framework, Techreo aims to make a difference with its financial products—such as digital current and savings accounts, payment, credit, insurance, and financial education services—by offering them to anyone, anywhere.

A more integrated, secure, and flexible infrastructure

Although the organization was already using an ecosystem of multiple cloud providers, Techreo faced the challenge of incorporating more cohesive cloud tools to improve its adaptability to a business environment that is continuously changing.

First, the company required a solution to scale resources in a flexible manner and to adjust its infrastructure needs to demand levels. It also had to enhance data analytics processes to obtain better insights and facilitate decision-making.

Finally, Techreo needed a tool that included security, disaster recovery, and high availability features to help it protect data, detect threats, and ensure business continuity, even in critical situations.

"Our architecture ran on different clouds. Once we realized we had to integrate our systems to achieve faster deployments and a more flexible environment, the decision to migrate everything to a single cloud was just the only way."

Jonathan Durán Parras, Co-Founder, Techreo

Solutions to improve management and security

After assessing infrastructure-related business needs, Techreo decided to migrate its entire environment, including backend, architecture, networking, and data engineering services, to Google Cloud.

Following a simple and agile implementation process, the company started to adopt these solutions to meet all the challenges it faced. It deployed Google Kubernetes Engine to improve container management, and Auth0 as a sign-on validation tool to protect business data.

Thanks to BigQuery, a cloud-based data warehouse, Techreo can now obtain valuable insights in real time, while Cloud SQL and Cloud Storage helped improve database management and unstructured data storage.

"By migrating our entire platform to Google Cloud, we can provide regulated financial institutions with the technology they need to capture customers through next-generation financial and digital onboarding services they can access from everywhere."

Iliana de Silva Muñoz, Co-Founder and CEO, Techreo

A reliable, fault-free infrastructure

After migrating all legacy workloads to Google Cloud, Techreo has centralized features, standardized deployments, and made management less complex.

As a result, the company has boosted employee productivity, as well as streamlined platform uptime, and further democratized data.

Techreo's digital transformation has also helped regulated financial institutions meet goals that were otherwise difficult to achieve: thanks to cloud technologies, they can now offer 24/7 support.

With all these benefits, the company's associated institution in Mexico has increased its customer base from 250,000 to 650,000 in just two years, a milestone it had been unable to reach in 30 years of traditional operations.

Nowadays, the agility provided by Google Cloud solutions has helped Techreo free resources and employees' time so that they can focus on new business, innovation, and growth strategies.

"Google Cloud's infrastructure helps us offer a more reliable, robust, agile, and, above all, always-on platform. In the past, customers needed to go to a physical branch and fill in forms to open an account or request a loan. Now, everything is 100% digital."

Jonathan Durán Parras, Co-Founder, Techreo

A future of innovation and growth

Aided by Google Cloud, Techreo is planning to leverage its data to the max. That's why the company is considering using artificial intelligence solutions, such as Vertex AI, to enhance analytics and reporting processes, as well as decision-making and marketing initiatives.

Its infrastructure's flexibility now enables the company to test new ideas, accelerate innovation, expand to new markets, and add new products and services.

By adopting Google Cloud solutions, Techreo has strengthened its profile as an agile, secure, and innovative organization that is enjoying more competitive advantages and market success.

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About Techreo

Techreo is a Mexican IT and marketing company that enables unbanked individuals to access financial services.

Industries: Financial Services & Insurance
Location: Mexico