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Customer Overview

The game plan to unite, uncover insights, and improve performance

For more than 150 years, The FA has supported all aspects of England's national game and monitored players around the world. With the help of Google Cloud, the England teams are transforming the way they prepare and play the game.


professional players

22 million

player data points


Player Performance System

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The Solution

Teamwork everywhere

Digital transformation is helping improve performance on and off the pitch. From uniting the coaching staff and players, collaborating on training programs, and sharing game-winning insights, Google Cloud is helping England teams to improve and progress.

Smart analytics for elite performance

We partnered with The FA to create a platform that brings together disparate sources of on-and-off the field data — allowing them to create actionable individual and team-level insights. 

Data and analysis

This data and analysis includes in-game and training performance data, along with monitoring of players’ sleep, nutrition, recovery, and mental health.

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Technical overview

Delivering seamless and secure collaboration with Google Workspace

To help the England teams and staff at St. George's Park, The FA uses Google Workspace to share everything from schedules and budgets to team performance reports—quickly, securely, and wherever it's needed.
Critical information for teams on the move

Home and away, Google Cloud solves logistical challenges. Google Workspace allows The FA to access and share key info anywhere in the world. Strategies and insights are shared across a centralized system along with crucial data on the go, such as travel documents, dietary plans, medical reports and more. And with state-of-the-art cloud security, information like performance reports, strategy reports, and medical data remain secure.

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Smart analytics

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