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Customer Overview

Revolut: Revolutionizing the financial services industry

Revolut is building the world’s first truly global financial superapp to help people get more from their money. Today, more than 20 million customers around the world use dozens of Revolut’s innovative banking products to make more than 200 million transactions a month across personal and business accounts. The company relies on Google Workspace to power seamless productivity for its teams around the world, enabling products to come to market quicker and customers to continue to depend on Revolut. 


Regions collaborating successfully

20 million

Personal users

15 Million

Customer transactions per month

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The Solution

Stability, speed, and scalability: Google Cloud for global collaboration

The ability to innovate has been key to Revolut's success and growth, offering customers more ways to manage their money. As Revolut strives to help more people achieve their financial goals, its global teams take advantage of Google Workspace to collaborate and launch new banking products quickly, without compromising on quality.

Global collaboration all in one place

Revolut launched its new Payday product, designed to give people greater financial control. From product conception through to development and launch, Google Workspace enabled effective collaboration and communication across departments and regions to meet an ambitious six month delivery timeline. The team collaborated in Google Sheets to create financial models, competitor analysis, target markets, anticipated costs, and projected revenues, while developing its go-to-market strategies in real-time using Google Docs. The ability to use Google Drive across regions was invaluable for developing the product strategy for Payday. As development on Payday got underway, the team were able to stay organized, focused, and aligned with Google Workspace. After a successful growth period in Europe, the company is also planning to expand into the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas, and will be leveraging Google's extensive global network of data centers to maintain an excellent standard of service for its users, wherever they are.

Global collaboration all in one place

Headquartered in London, with employees and customers across the world, Revolut continually expands its product and service portfolio to fulfill its mission to empower more people to achieve their financial goals. Revolut is growing dramatically, expanding into new markets and developing innovative new products. Google Workspace provides a simple, helpful, and flexible way for teams across multiple countries and time zones to collaborate in real time. 

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Technical overview

Enabling engineering efficiency

As Revolut quickly gathered more momentum and customers, it became clear that a change in its cloud-based solution was essential to support the rapid growth. The company wanted to automate as many of its processes as possible, which was proving difficult with its existing infrastructure. After testing a range of solutions from different providers, Revolut chose Google Cloud. Building its core infrastructure with Compute Engine gave its engineers the perfect balance of ease of use, automated deployment, and control over its security. 
Revolut customer image
Revolut: Simplifying cross-currency payments with Google Cloud

Revolut used Compute Engine to build an infrastructure that can scale at speed with rapid, automated deployments, while maintaining stability and security.

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