Binary Authorization pricing

This page describes pricing for Binary Authorization.


The General Availability (GA) version of Binary Authorization can be used as part of the GKE Enterprise platform or as a standalone feature, as described later in this document.

Grace period

The grace period for Binary Authorization for existing customers ends September 16, 2021. After the grace period, Binary Authorization pricing described later in this document may apply.

Binary Authorization for Cloud Run pricing

Binary Authorization for Cloud Run is provided free of charge.

Binary Authorization for GKE Enterprise pricing

Binary Authorization fees do not apply to GKE Enterprise clusters.

To learn more about GKE Enterprise (pricing), contact your sales representative to enroll in GKE Enterprise.

Binary Authorization for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) pricing

Pricing for Binary Authorization for GKE is $0.01613 per cluster per hour (charged in 1 second increments). This is around $12/month and is in addition to all other fees charged by the GKE cluster. The fee is flat for all clusters that have Binary Authorization enabled, irrespective of cluster size and topology- whether the clusters are zonal or regional.

The Binary Authorization for GKE offers a free tier. The free tier provides $12 in monthly credits per billing account. This credit will at least cover the complete cost of a single cluster each month

The following example demonstrates how fees and free tier credit is applied for an organization’s billing accounts.

Organization's billing accounts Organization's clusters Binary Authorization-enabled cluster hours per month Free tier credit used Total monthly Binary Authorization fee
(at $0.01613/per cluster per hour)
account_1 cluster_1 744 $12.00 $0
account_2 cluster_1 744 $12.00 $0
account_2 cluster_2 744 N/A $12.00
account_2 cluster_3 300 N/A $4.86

Pricing calculator

You can use the Google Cloud pricing calculator to estimate your monthly Binary Authorization charges, including cluster management fees and worker node pricing.

Beta users

Please note: As of March 16, 2020, the beta API is no longer supported. Users of this API must migrate to the GA API. See the GA migration guide for additional considerations for running your workloads with the Binary Authorization GA API.

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