Seriously Powerful Data & Analytics Services

Data fuels amazing applications, and helps businesses compete.

Big Data, no waiting.

Based on the same distributed data services we use at Google, Google BigQuery, AI Platform Notebooks and Google Cloud Dataproc are changing how you analyze and use data. Customers say tools like BigQuery are “nearly magical” because of their performance. Queries that used to take hours or days now take minutes or seconds. The result: more insights and value, realized by more people in more companies. Learn more

Context-rich applications

Good apps tailor their behavior to us. Great apps delight us by suggesting what we want before we know it ourselves. Apps should respond to context, telling us the best route to drive right now, not just when we started. Products like Google Cloud Dataflow and Google Cloud Pub/Sub make it easier for your code to use huge amounts of data to deliver amazing context-rich experiences.

Citizen Data Science

Rather than keep your most powerful data tools in the hands of a few experts, Google Cloud Platform unlocks data to empower your entire organization. Our tools like BigQuery and AI Platform Notebooks bring data directly to the people who run your business, because they're most likely to find the insights that create value.

Machine Intelligence

Google Cloud Machine Learning gives everyone access to the deep learning systems that power services like Google Translate, Google Photos, voice search in the Google app, and smart replies in Gmail. Soon available as a cloud service (alpha), so it’s easy to incorporate in your app.


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