The Cloud Vision API provides a set of features for analyzing images. Across these scenarios, we enable you to pay only for what you use with no upfront commitments. The API supports the following features:

Feature TypeDescription
LABEL_DETECTION Add labels based on image content (see Detecting Labels)
TEXT_DETECTION Perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on text within the image (see Detecting Text)
SAFE_SEARCH_DETECTION Determine image safe search properties on the image (see Detecting Safe Search Properties)
FACE_DETECTION Detect faces within the image (see Detecting Faces)
LANDMARK_DETECTION Detect geographic landmarks within the image (see Detecting Landmarks)
LOGO_DETECTION Detect company logos within the image (see Detecting Logos)
IMAGE_PROPERTIES Compute a set of properties about the image (such as the image's dominant colors) (see Detecting Image Properties)
WEB_DETECTION Detect topical entities such as news, events, or celebrities within the image, and find similar images on the web using the power of Google Image Search (see Detecting Web Entities and pages)
DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION Perform OCR on dense text images like Documents using specially tuned model for dense text scenarios(see Detecting Documents)


Charges are incurred for each feature applied to an image. Each feature applied to an image is a billable unit. For example, if you apply Face Detection and Label Detection to the same image, the user is billed for 1 unit of Label Detection and 1 unit for Face Detection.

The table below shows the price for each feature per 1000 units. Pricing is tiered - the first 1000 units used each month are free, units 1001 to 5,000,000 are priced as marked, etc.

Feature Price per 1000 units
First 1000 units/month Units 1001 - 5,000,000 / month Units 5,000,001 - 20,000,000 / month
Label Detection Free $1.50 $1.00
Text Detection Free $1.50 $0.60
Safe Search (explicit content) Detection Free Now free with Label Detection Now free with Label Detection
Facial Detection Free $1.50 $0.60
Landmark Detection Free $1.50 $0.60
Logo Detection Free $1.50 $0.60
Image Properties Free $1.50 $0.60
Web Detection Free $3.50 Contact Google for more information
Document Text Detection Free $3.50 Contact Google for more information

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