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Cloud business leadership

Discover how Google Cloud can help you thrive as a leader in a cloud-first world. From change management and remote work productivity to getting started in the Cloud and reducing IT costs, this training can give you the tools and insights to prioritize and solve today’s critical business challenges.

Cloud Digital Leader

Explore this free foundational learning path designed for business practitioners working in the cloud. Designed to skill up entire teams or individual practitioners, the Cloud Digital Leader learning path builds your teams cloud literacy, and validates knowledge to help prepare for the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification exam.

Cloud Digital LeaderIntroduction to Digital Transformation with Google CloudInnovating with Data and Google CloudInfrastructure and Application Modernization with Google CloudUnderstanding Google Cloud Security and Operations


Introduction to Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

Get an overview of the opportunities and challenges that companies often encounter in their digital transformation journey. You’ll learn foundational cloud topics and how these transformation journeys align with Google Cloud solutions.

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Innovating with Data and Google Cloud

Gain an understanding of what data is, how you can use it to make decisions, and its critical role in machine learning. Learners will also be introduced to concepts such as structured and unstructured data, database, data warehouses, and data lakes.

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Infrastructure and Application Modernization with Google Cloud

Explore the disadvantages of an outdated IT infrastructure and how businesses can modernize it using cloud technology. Begin by exploring the different compute options available in the cloud and the benefits of each. Later you’ll learn about application modernization and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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Understanding Google Cloud Security and Operations

Examine cost management, security, and operations in the cloud. Explore how businesses can choose to maintain some or none of their own infrastructure by purchasing IT services from a cloud provider, and how data security is shared between the cloud provider and the business. Learn how to rethink IT resource management in the cloud and how Google Cloud resource monitoring tools can help maintain control and visibility over a cloud environment.

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