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Google Cloud for sustainability

Welcome to the Google Cloud sustainability hub for EMEA.

Discover our latest sustainability projects, news, and stories across the region. We are building a greener future alongside our customers.


Our sustainability commitments

At Google, we remain committed to finding sustainability solutions while leading and encouraging others to join us in improving the health of our planet. Find our solutions below.


We’re decarbonizing our energy consumption so that by 2030, we’ll operate on carbon-free energy, everywhere, 24/7.

Circular economy

Our ambition is to maximize the reuse of finite resources across our operations, products, and supply chains and enable others to do the same.


We’ll replenish 120% of the water we consume by 2030, and we’re actively supporting water security and ecosystems where we operate.

Feeling inspired? Register for our sustainability summit or complete our masterclass

Join us for the EMEA Sustainability Summit to explore how top industry leaders are building for the future.
Google Cloud EMEA Sustainability Summit
Discover our masterclass that explains how smart IT decisions can benefit your business and the planet.
Sustainable IT, Decoded masterclass


Learn how Google Cloud is solving for sustainability with customers

Read more about how we have helped our EMEA customers on their sustainability journeys.