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If your workloads and apps can’t fully migrate to the cloud, you can take full advantage of innovative Google Cloud tools while maintaining existing systems with a hybrid cloud strategy. Management tools such as Stackdriver and Apigee can provide a single viewpoint of your applications and APIs across your cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Whether you’re in the early stages of migration or are looking to modernize your current setup, seamlessly extend, expand, and evolve your technology footprint over time with Google Cloud.

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Hybrid strategies for diverse environments

Hybrid infrastructure

Compute Engine offers flexible and reliable capabilities to get you cloud-ready, fast. Our extensive global private fiber network spans 20 cloud regions, 52 zones, and 125 edge points of presence (POPs). With Google Cloud VM migration partners and support for open source and proprietary software packages, you can bring existing applications to Google Cloud Platform and have access to one of the world’s largest software-defined network infrastructures.

Hybrid applications

Support your hybrid applications with an ecosystem that’s founded on microservices, containers, and Kubernetes — an initiative supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), an open-source software foundation dedicated to making cloud-native computing universal and sustainable. Additionally, Apigee API management software and Istio framework both enable hybrid cloud architectures that help you manage your cloud and on-premises APIs. As a result, you can monitor consumption, boost software release velocity, reduce costs through reusability, and control deployment.

Hybrid management

As your portable applications and hybrid architectures grow, so does your need for a unified hybrid management platform. Instead of extensive integrations, Stackdriver provides a single viewpoint into your metrics, logs, and metadata across your on-premises and cloud environments. For additional support or hybrid management tools, you can also work with our Google Cloud Partners.

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Combining Kubernetes and Istio with Google Cloud infrastructure, security, and operations, Anthos is hybrid cloud software for modernizing your apps.

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Google Kubernetes Engine

Manage containerized applications on-premises and in the cloud, using highly available and scalable Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud.

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Compute Engine

Scale high-performance virtual machines with per-second billing and automatic discounts — and save by paying only for what you use.

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Cloud Interconnect

Connect your workloads and applications to Google Cloud infrastructure directly, via Partner Interconnect, or with an IPsec VPN and get access to Google Cloud regions across the globe.

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Combine metrics, logs, and metadata from your cloud accounts and projects into a single comprehensive view of your environment.

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Design, secure, deploy, and monitor your APIs everywhere with a full lifecycle API management platform.

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Open platform

Our tools are compatible with many open source technologies.


Build and run portable apps on the most popular open-source container platform.

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Connect, manage, and secure various microservices in your application architecture — all from one open-source, service-mesh solution.

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Build source-centric, container-based applications that can run on-premises, in the cloud, or even in a third-party data center with Kubernetes-based middleware components.

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Tiered hybrid

Create and deploy innovative and highly scalable front-end applications to Google Cloud while reusing existing on-premises components.

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Analytics hybrid

Add machine learning and data analytics capabilities to your apps when you move your analytics workloads to the cloud — all while keeping your transactional workloads on-premises.

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Environment-based hybrid

Develop and test on GCP while keeping your production environment on-premises. You can provision and deprovision environments on demand and run CI/CD workloads in the cloud.

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Business continuity hybrid

Use GCP to back up critical data, archive it, and maintain standby copies of your mission-critical systems. Plus, implement automatic failover from on-premises to GCP.

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