Recommender pricing

Below describes the pricing and availability for accessing recommendations via Active Assist.


Google Cloud generates most recommendations and insights for free to all customers. Availability via different exposure channels depends on a customer’s support (see below).

Premium recommendations require purchase of a SKU to enable the generation of these insights. Today, only Firewall insights is a premium recommendation.


All customers can access recommendations via the UI and API. Customers will have different API quotas (see table below) depending on their support package.

Exporting recommendations via BigQuery is available for customers with a Standard, Enhanced, or Premium support package.

If customers have purchased Firewall Insights, they have full UI and API access, and can also export their insights to BigQuery export.

GCP Support UI Access API Access (per organization) BigQuery export
None or Basic 100 Reads per minute, 100 Reads per day, 100 Writes per minute, 100 Writes per day* *
Standard, Enhanced, Premium 6,000 Reads per minute, 1,000,000 Reads per day, 3,000 Writes per minute, 100,000 Writes per day

* = Committed Usage Discount (CUD) recommendations are always available in BigQuery Export, as well as the higher API quotas, regardless of Support level.

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